2015 Q3 Product Update


We made some exciting updates during the third quarter of 2015. A list of all the updates and a few highlights are included below, but make sure to read the full Q3 Product Update (PDF).

Q3 Updates Include:

New Reports Report Updates
– Unsigned HOS Log Report
– Tags Report
– Vehicle-Driver Link History Report
– Unregistered Driver ID Report
– Editable Saved Reports
– Vehicle/Driver Performance Report
– Vehicle/Driver Performance Summary Report
– Vehicle/Driver Scorecard Report


New Alarms Alarm Updates
– Tank Missing Data (System Notification)
– No Driver ID Alarm
– Driving with ELD Disconnected
– Alarms Page Interface
– Inspection Failure (Maintenance Template)


Other Updates Admin User Updates
– Violations Displayed on HOS Log Graph
– New Icons
– Mobile Equipment Location History Update
– Dashboard Data Tables Customizable
– Pre-Installed & Retired in Admin Tree
– Edit Parent Location from Config Page

New Icons
We added a few new icons this quarter to more accurately identify the types of assets our customers are monitoring.

  • Oil Platform
  • Oil Pump
  • Oil Well
  • Well
  • Drilling Rig
  • Oil Rig

New Product: Solar-powered Two-way Asset Tracking via Satellite

For use on such things as containers, trailers, frac tanks, etc., this new device offers expanded capabilities from previous satellite solutions.

  • 7-10 year life span – no need to replace batteries
  • Two-way communication (existing satellite solutions are one-way)
  • Ping on-demand
  • No coverage holes (compared to cellular data coverage)

Contact your relationship manager if you’re interested in this new device.

Violations Displayed on Hours of Service (HOS) Log Book Graph
OneView Log Books now show driving violations highlighted in red. You have the option (under ‘Settings’) to hide violations so they won’t appear if you don’t want them to. Note: Highlighted violations only appear within OneView and will not show in POV (tablet app) nor will they be shown on the ‘Email Logs’ report sent from the tablet.

Driving with ELD Disconnected Alarm
For those using our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution, we have a new alarm that can be set up to notify you if a vehicle is driving for X amount of time (minutes/hours/days) and there isn’t a tablet connected, via Bluetooth, to the device in the vehicle. This alarm will help catch situations where a driver forgets to log into POV (tablet app) or selects the wrong truck while logging in – allowing you to contact the driver right away to remedy the situation.

Those were just a few of the updates we’ve made over the last quarter. There’s much more in the full Q3 Product Update (PDF).

Updates from previous quarters: Q2 Product Update (PDF), Q1 Product Update (PDF).