2016 Q1 Product Update

Product Update Q1 2016 -1

The first quarter of 2016 has been a busy one. We have made some great updates to OneView and FleetPOV, added a few new reports, made some aesthetic adjustments, and much more. Some highlights are included here, but you can download the full Q1 Product Update Report (pdf).
2016 Q1 Updates Include:

New Reports
Report Updates
– Newly Created Jobs Report
– City State Zip Report
– Fuel Efficiency Report
– Update Fuel Purchase History
– New Delivery Schedules
– Future Report Timeframe Selector


New Features POV Updates
– FleetPOV Separation Breakout
– Job ID on POV Print-out
– Self-dispatched Jobs (Maintenance)
– Landmarks selection included in reports


Other Updates Admin User Updates
– Event Pop-up Larger
– Ping on demand AP3
– Tree Nodes more visible
– Devices Tab
– Allow Renaming of Groups

Solar Powered Asset Tracker – 7+ Year Battery Life

solar-powered-asset-tag ap3 Ping on Demand: This asset tracker allows you to ping the asset on demand and receive its current location within 15 minutes. This is helpful if you need data sooner than the normal daily satellite ping.


Fuel Purchase History Report: Upgraded to verify fuel purchases aren’t fraudulent.
Linked Driver – to show if there was a different driver other than the purchaser of the fuel.
Odometer and Vehicle Relative Location – to enable users to detect errors in location or GPS data.
fuel purchase history web
In this example, vehicles were given fuel purchase records that were many miles from the actual location of the vehicle. The lat/long data from the asset at the time of fuel purchase is used to create relative location data. This can show you possible issues with any fuel purchase record.

Future Timeframe Selector: Jobs Due/Almost Due reports duration selector shows future dates so that reports will run on upcoming dates. This allows you to get a weekly report on jobs or maintenances that are due next week.

New Delivery Schedules: Every Day at 7:30 AM & Every Week at 7AM on Thursday Morning

Download the full Q1 Product Update report to see a breakdown of the new reports added
– Newly Created Jobs Report
– City State Zip Report
– Fuel Efficiency Report

POV-Icon-500x500 FleetPOV Separation Breakout: There are multiple uses for the FleetPOV app and your company can choose which features of the app that you have access to. You do not have to use all of the features of POV, you can narrow your account down to only the features that are right for your needs. See your account manager for more information or to request features.

Fuel 2016-04-22_10-08-59 Use POV to track fuel purchases by uploading fuel records including a photo record of receipts.
Wrench-48 Jobs and maintenance can be dispatched from OneView or self-dispatched out by POV users in the field. Run reports in OneView on all jobs and targets/landmarks, even when they originate in the field.
Messaging Report-Editor-128 Use POV to send and receive messages.
Electronic Logs Driver-128 Get ahead of the ELD mandate by deploying FleetPOV with all your drivers who will be required to use electronic driving logs by December 2017.
Inspections Mini-Truck-01-128 Use POV to create digital records of all pre and post trip inspections allowing you to track inspection failures through alarms and reports, including triggering the creation of maintenance tickets.

Job ID on POV Print Out: When printing a form from POV, the job ID will be included in the print form.

Download the full Q1 Product Update report to see more changes to FleetPOV and much more.

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