2016 Q2 Product Update

OneView Q2 Product Update

2016 Q2 Product Updates Include:

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New Reports
Report Updates
– Landmark Stop Report – IFTA Reconcialiation Report – New Fuel Purchase Summary by State


New Features POV Updates
– Interactive Training Modules – Add distance and direction to POV log graph


Other Updates Admin User Updates
– New Asset Class Icons
– MEM w/Temperature
– Time Zone added to Driver Table
– Asset Summary Tab
– User Summary Tab
– Device Summary Tab
– Edit Fuel Purchase

POV – New Features

The POV App now has built in training modules to help drivers learn and/or review the features included in FleetPOV. These interactive tutorial videos allow drivers to start, stop, rewind, and move forward through each training module. There are questions for review at the end of each segment to help with understanding and retention. These are also included in the Learning Center through the menu on the right.

  • Training is divided into individual modules.
  • For drivers new to ELD, start at the beginning and watch in order.
  • Review as needed.
  • INCLUDED: POV Instruction Booklet pdf.
  • There should be a printed booklet in the vehicle at all times, however, should it become misplaced, there is a pdf here. There is also a printable version on our website.

Access the modules on FleetPOV with the question mark icon at the top right:
app icon circled

POV Updates

Distance and Direction on POV Log Graph
In the location area on the POV log book graph, the location stamp now shows the distance and direction from the nearest large town.

New Reports

Landmark Stop Report: This report is a combination of the Landmark Visit Report and the Stop Event History Report. The Landmark Stop Report measures the time at the stop as well as run time at the landmark. This report is useful to show only landmark visits that involved a stop.
Landmark stop report 3

Report Updates

IFTA Reconciliation Report: Fuel Purchase Summary by State
New to the IFTA Reconciliation Report is a total of all the fuel purchases in a per state breakdown summary at the end of the report.

Other Updates

New Asset Class Icons
asset class icons

Mobile Equipment Manager with Temperature Now there is a new asset model that allows you to monitor temperature on basic equipment. As with all monitored data, you can export the temperature over a time period as CSV file.

Download the full 2016 Q2 Product Update Report (pdf) to see all new features and updates that were made to OneView and POV.

Last quarter’s report can be found at: Q1 2016 Product Update report