2016 Q4 Product Update Report

Product Update Q4 2016

2016 Q4 Product Updates Include:


New Reports
Report Updates
– Driver On Duty Time Report – Posted Speed Limit Summary Report
– Driver Break Time Report – Vehicle/Driver Safety Report & Summary Report
– CA Break Violations Report – Job Cost by Target Report & by Assignee Report


HOS New Features
– Updated OneView Log Graph Table – Personal Use of CMV and Yard Move appears Yellow on log graph in OneView
– Updated OneView Log Graph – Cycle(s) Added Above Log Graph
– Special Driving Status options – Distance & Direction added to OneView log graph
– Export Log Book Report Tab in OneView – Added date of Certification of Records
– Alaska HOS Rules added – Canadian HOS Rules added
– OneView HOS Summary Location Column


– Show Your Location on Map – HOS Calculations Added to Profile View
– Android and iOS Native Mobile Apps – Added Duration in Status to Profile View


– Time Zone based on OneView user settings – Exempt Drivers
– CA Employee Meal Break Rules – Uncertified Records Warning
– User Warning before completed break – Sync ELD records on creation
– Sync Status added to Network Pop-up


Driver On Duty Time Report – Track driver’s on duty time like a time card. Track each on duty to off duty time period on a daily schedule for your selected duration. You’ll see daily totals as well as a grand total for each driver for the time selected.

Driver Break Time Report – See when and the length of time that your drivers took off duty break(s) for a selected duration (including CA Employee Meal Break Rules for 1st and 2nd break time and tracking Voluntary Skip statuses).

California Break Violations Report – Monitor when your driver’s are forgetting to take their breaks or mark voluntarily skipping breaks in their ELD.


Posted Speed Limit Summary Report – updated to include a breakdown of highway violations of #>5, #>10 and #>20 mph over the posted speed limit, and a breakdown of city violations of #>5, #>10 and #>20 mph over the posted speed limit.

Vehicle/Driver Safety Report & Vehicle/Driver Safety Summary Report – updated to include the #>5, #>10 and #>20 mph over the posted speed limit in the results.

Job Cost by Target Report & by Assignee Report – There is now a target total for each asset/assignee and a Grand Total for the entire report.


Alaska & Canada HOS Rules – There are new additions to Hours of Service features in OneView in the 4th Quarter. HOS rules have been added for Alaska HOS Rules and Canadian HOS Rules. With the correct permissions, your driver’s will see a Cycle button in POV allowing them to select a new rule as they cross the border. The system will recalculate all the appropriate limits so there is no guess work about staying compliant.

ELD Exempt Option
– Should you have drivers that are ELD Exempt, you can now select the appropriate box in the driver account set up.

Special Driving Status
– Personal Use of CMV and Yard Move are available as permission check boxes during the driver account set up. Drivers will then see the special driving status check box on their duty status buttons.

Updated Log Graph View

1. Export button added on the log book page.

a. Added duration option of Last 6 Months (From Today)
b. Export PDF has a new header with FMCSA required information in an easier to read view.

2. Cycles have been added to the graph that will include all cycles that apply for that day (for example if a driver switched to Canadian HOS Rules when they crossed the border – you would see the cycle they started with plus the Canadian cycle they selected)
3. Personal Use of CMV and Yard Move are yellow on the log graph in OneView.
4. Distance and Direction have been added to the location area below the graph.
Updated Log Table

The columns in the table below the log graph are in a new order and include more information than before.
1. The status column now includes event type to allow you to see when drivers log in or out, when they certify their logs on the tablet, and intermediate records which are automatically produced to log driver’s location through their day. All non-duty statuses are shaded in gray.
2. The origin column is new and displays if the status/event was automatically generated or if it is manual – the result of a driver tapping a button on their tablet.
3. Instead of seeing a split button, you now see a (+) symbol that highlights the line between statuses, allowing you to know exactly where you are inserting a new record.
4. There is a check box on the top of the table that will toggle between showing just the duty statuses when the Duty Statuses Only box is checked, and all events and statuses when it is unchecked.

OneView HOS Summary Location Column – The HOS Summary module and HOS Summary Report now have a column for the driver’s current location.


OneView Mobile is now available in the Google Play Store and in the App Store for iOS.

Show Your Location on Map
When you’re looking at any of your assets on the map in OneView Mobile, if your location is located in the zoom level of view, you will see your location as a blue dot on the map.

HOS Calculations have been added to the profile view in OneView Mobile.

Duration in Status has been added to the profile view in OneView Mobile


Time Zone Based on OneView User Settings – Now the driver’s log book will reflect the time zone that was set for the driver in OneView during the set-up process, no matter what time zone the driver’s tablet it set to or what time zone they are currently driving through.

Driver’s tablet is set to PST. The log will indicate a different time zone in red. When a driver taps on red time zone, they will see this Time Zone message.

California Employee Meal Break Rules – Drivers adhering to California Employee Meal Break Rules can tap on Status button and see their meal break time remaining included in their total hours remaining summary. They will see time remaining for each of the two meal breaks plus a button to Voluntarily Skip a meal break. For questions concerning California Employee Meal Break Rules, see your company’s DOT compliance and safety personnel.

User Warning Before completed break. – If a driver tries to change to On Duty, Not Driving within 5 minutes of completing a 30 minute break or within 30 minutes of a 10 hour reset (or period reset) POV will warn the driver with a message stating how much time they need to fulfill that reset and do they want to go on duty anyway.

Uncertified Records Warning
– As a driver completes the POV login process, they will receive a warning if there are uncertified records from previous days (or today) on the tablet. Tapping on Certify Log Book will take the driver to the earliest uncertified log day where they can certify each unsigned day. They can also choose Not Right Now and certify those days later by tapping on the Log Book tab.

Sync ELD Records – POV will now immediately sync ELD records when there is a data connection. When ELD records are created during times when the device is out of data coverage areas, driver’s will see how many records are yet to be synced on the Network icon. By tapping on the Network icon when in coverage, drivers will also see a button to sync any records that have not yet synced. If there is no data coverage, the Sync ELD button will be inactive and the message will include some troubleshooting suggestions.

Download this report in PDF format here: 2016 Q4 Product Update Report