2017 Q2 Product Update Report

Product Update Q2 2017

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2017 Q2 Product Update Report

2017 Q2 Product Updates Include:


New Reports
Report Updates
– Yard Move Report – Fuel Efficiency Export Report region column
– Add “% Idle” to Vehicle/Driver Scorecard Report

HOS New Features

– Added VIN to ELD edit pop-up – Certification coloring added to calendar
– US 70/8 and US 60/7 rules withouth 30 minute break rules added – Certification badge added to OneView logbook recap widget
– OneView logbook recap widget – Non-Commercial rule
– Import of ELD data files

Android-Mobile-128 ONEVIEW MOBILE

– Create landmark on user location option

Android-Mobile-128 POV

– Cache training files for offline use – Help button on home page menu
– Mulit-trailer select – Fuel purchases on trailers
– Custom Trailer select – Dyed Diesel added to POV and OneView fuel purchase fuel types
– Added Duty Statuses Only Checkbox on log book data table – Permission limitation of HOS rules


– Update dropdown selectors – Group administration UI updated
– Delete option on fuel purchase events – Dyed Diesel added to POV and OneView fuel purchase fuel types
– Liquid avatar added – Added KS Wells, NE Wells, WV Wells Global landmark groups
– Landmark group hover over pop-up


– Tire High temperature alarm – Tire pressure alarms now highlight the tire in alarm state red
– Tire alarms and alarm UI graphic


Yard Move Report
Use the yard move report to monitor when drivers use the yard move special status. You will see their start time and location, their end time and location, the duration and the note the driver entered.


Fuel Efficiency Export Report
This report has been updated to include a region column allowing you to see where the assets are in your tree.

Vehicle/Driver Scorecard Report
A column for percentage idling has been added to the end of the Vehicle/Driver Scorecard Report. This new addition does not affect the scoring point totals.


Added VIN to ELD Edit Pop-up
When editing a driver’s log book, you can now add the VIN for any records that are missing the vehicle’s information.

US 70/8 and US 60/7 Break Exempt Rules
US 70/8 and US 60/7rules without 30 minute break rules have been added. Select during driver set-up or with permission, drivers can select directly in POV. See your safety and compliance staff for rules of use.

OneView Logbook Recap Widget
• Certification badge added to OV logbook recap widget
• Certification coloring added to calendar
On a driver’s summary tab or log book tab, a recap widget has been added that shows the last 7 full days plus today recaps. Each day is clickable to go directly to that day’s log book page. The shield badge indicates each day that has been signed and certified.

Click the calendar button to reveal a color coded calendar selector. Blue is certified log days and orange is uncertified. See at a glance if a driver has past days not certified.

Import of ELD Data Files
You can now import a driver’s ELD data file from their previous electronic log records from other ELD systems. For questions about the process and to turn on this permission for your account, see your account manager.

Non-Commercial Rule
We’ve added a non-commercial rule that can be selected with permission. The Non-Commercial rule is for situations when not driving a commercial vehicle. You can give driver’s permission to select from their tablet or just give the permission to assign the rule to HOS Managers only.


Create Landmark on User Location Option
On OneView Mobile, users with landmark permission can now tap and hold on their current location and create a landmark.


Multi-trailer Select
For drivers that pull tandem trailers, they can select up to 3 at a time in POV. HOS managers can also select up to three trailers in OneView when editing a driver’s log. This feature is permission based and can be turned on or off for your company.

Custom Trailer Select
Drivers can use the custom trailer field to add a temporary trailer that is not in your company inventory. It will add the trailer to their log book but not to your OneView inventory. HOS managers can also add a custom trailer when editing a driver’s log in OneView. This feature is permission based and can be turned on or off for your company.

Added Duty Statuses Only Checkbox on log book data table
Drivers have the option of checking or unchecking the Duty Statuses Only box above their log data table. Checked will show just their duty statuses. Unchecked will show all log events like certification of logs, login and log out times, intermediate records and more.

Help Button on Home Page Menu
A new Help button has been added to the home screen on POV. This Help button will bring drivers to a tutorial page covering all of the features of the POV app. The tutorials will download for offline use if the tablet is connected to Wi-Fi. For CabMate Connect and CabMate One users, these tutorials will only be accessible on Wi-Fi unless downloaded for offline use. CabMate Open will have the option of playing while using cellular data, but the tutorials will download directly to the tablet as well. The cloud icon on the top right will show the download percentage of the tutorials.

Fuel Purchases on Trailers
It is now possible to record the fuel purchased added to a trailer with the dropdown selector on the Fuel Record form to choose the trailer you are currently pulling. Use the change button to select a completely different trailer (or tractor).

Dyed Diesel
Drivers and OneView Admin users can now select dyed diesel as a recognized fuel type.

Permission Limitation of HOS rules
Companies can now limit the HOS rules that are available to your drivers through permission. This will affect the driver account set-up as well as the Rule Set selector button on the tablet for those companies that use it. Contact your account manager to update your permissions.

Cache Training Files for Offline Use
As soon as a driver uses a Wi-Fi connection, POV will automatically download the help page tutorials for offline use. This will be especially helpful for CabMate Connect and CabMate One users. A progress cloud will show the percentage of download completed.


Update Dropdown Selectors
Many of the selector fields in OneView now are smart selectors. Start typing the name or content you’re looking for and the selector narrows the results allowing you to find your information faster without scrolling through long lists of results.

Delete Option on Fuel Purchase Events
Admin users now have the ability to delete fuel purchase events in OneView. Find a fuel record uploaded from the tablet and choose delete.

Liquid Avatar
You can now choose a Liquid Tank Icon for any of your assets. Use this actor class or create a custom actor class.

Landmark Group Hover
When looking at your landmarks folder, you can hover over a folder and see the first 20 landmarks in a pop-up window. You can quick select any of the landmarks from that window.

Group Administration UI Updated
After creating a new group, select users to add to your group in the “Available” column and use the arrows in the middle to add them to the “Selected” column. You can remove “Selected” users with the back arrow in the same way. Select multiple users by holding CTRL when you click or select all users in a column by holding shift when you click.

New Wells in Global Landmarks Groups
We now have Kansas Wells, Nebraska Wells, and West Virginia Wells Global landmark groups available. See your account manager if you would like to add these services.


Tire High Temperature Alarm
Set up a Tire High Temperature alarm in OneView for users of tire monitoring technology. See your account manager if you are interested in adding this feature. Set the temperature parameters and set to all axles by leaving the axles field blank or set on specific axles by adding 1,2,4, etc.

Tire Alarms and Alarm UI graphic
Set up tire alarms for Tire Fast Leak, Tire High Temperature, Tire Lost Signal, and Tire Pressure Out of Range. Each of these alarms are customizable. When an alarm sounds, the alert details pop-up will show a graphic that highlights the tires in red that are in the alarm state.