2020 Q4 Product Update Report

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User Creation Username Check
Drivewyze Safety+
New Actor Class Icons
Option of “Portal Only” alarm notifications



Unlink drivers from vehicles when Off Duty / Show previous linked driver/vehicle
HOS violations conditional on usage of sleeper berth
POV notes conditional hours remaining and violation depending upon sleeper berth usage
Permission to hide primary customer carrier so driver has only one option and doesn’t have to select a carrier
Unretired drivers will not count as having uncertified days during their retired timeframe



DVR Request with Time-lapse option
Camera Setup Camera Type Select
Dual Camera LED updated to only blink on initial boot-up



Ability to share location via text or email
Trends added to mobile
Expanding search button



Oilfield Tank w/ Location Asset Model / AP3 with tank volume monitoring
Tank graphic widget as asset icon
All tank graphics updated to new style
Generic Tanks and Tanks by location updated to accept Tanksite asset types (Oilfield tanks for example)



Allow digital library access from the Enforcement View
Update auto arrive distance to 1000ft via permission
Inspections on custom trailers should show the custom trailer name in OneView



Tank Inventory by Location
Updated Job Analysis Report to look at landmark events for arrive/depart times




User Creation Username Check

When you enter a new user in OneView, you will now see if the username is already taken as soon as you type it into the username field. Before, you would not know that information until you clicked save.


Drivewyze Safety+

POV has been fully integrated with Drivewyze for a while now. Their latest product, Drivewyze Safety+ is now also an integration option in POV. For more information about Drivewyze and Drivewyze Safety+, talk to your account manager.


New Actor Classes





Option of “Portal Only” alarm notifications

Now there is another option for alarm notification that is “Portal Only.” This would allow any of the users selected in the notifications to see the alarm in OneView but not have to receive an email or a text message.




Unlink Drivers From Vehicles When Off Duty/Show Previous linked Driver/Vehicle

After a driver goes off duty, the tractor that they were linked to will then show No Driver but there will be a new field for Last (driver). The Driver will show No Vehicle after going off duty and will show a Last (vehicle). Off duty (break) and Off Duty Personal Use records do not unlink drivers from vehicles.


HOS Violations that are Conditional on Usage of Sleeper Berth are not Confirmed until the Condition is Past

Drivers that use split sleeper berth will sometimes show an HOS violation that will disappear or be invalidated if the driver fulfills their sleeper berth hours as per the HOS rules.


POV Notes Conditional Hours Remaining and Violation Depending Upon Sleeper Berth Usage

Drivers that use split sleeper berth will be prompted that they are nearing or are out of hours unless they finish their shift in sleeper berth.


Permission to Hide Primary Customer Carrier so Driver has Only One Option and Doesn’t Have to Select a Carrier

For companies who have multiple carriers, the primary carrier can be “hidden” which could then allow drivers to skip the Carrier screen while logging into POV. This new feature only affects companies with multiple carriers. To learn more about this feature, visit with your account manager.


Permission to Hide Primary Customer Carrier so Driver has Only One Option and Doesn’t Have to Select a Carrier

Previous to this change, if a driver left your company and then returned, when you reactivated the driver after retiring them, they would still have shown uncertified days for all the time they were gone. That will no longer happen. The system will no longer mark the days while the driver was inactive as needing to be certified, thereby also cleaning up your Compliance tab uncertified days numbers for seasonal drivers or returning drivers. Make sure to retire seasonal drivers when their season is over and then you can reactivate them when they come back.




DVR Request with Time-lapse Option

When making a DVR Request, there is now a Video Duration option to choose time-lapse durations in addition to a 1 minute video.

Time-lapse durations will take every 100th frame of video for the chosen duration. For example if you choose 60 minutes (Time-lapse) the video will start at your Start time, look at the next 60 minutes of video footage and return a video that is a compilation of every 100th frame for that 60 minutes. The resulting video is compressed to less than 60 seconds.

The video window below shows a time-lapse duration of 35 minutes 35 seconds with a resulting video of 21 seconds. Note: if you request a larger timeframe than the amount of video available for that date and time, the results will only return for the amount of actual video available.



Camera Setup Camera Type Select

When connecting to a tractor’s camera, the camera setup now has a field to choose which type of camera the truck is using.





Dual Camera LED Updated to Only Blink on Initial Bootup

Because the LED power light on the SmartCam device distracted drivers after dark, the light will now only blink on boot-up and then turn off.




Ability to Share Locations Via Text or Email

The location of any asset in your account can be shared via text or email from OneView Mobile. Click the share option, choose the app on your phone to share with, like your email app or messaging app, and then send the location to your recipient. They will receive the address off the asset and a link to that address from Google maps.



Trends Added to Mobile

Trends now appear in OneView Mobile. Tap on the asset, and then tap on the trends tab. You can change the duration just as you can in the desktop version of OneView.



Expanding Search Button

The search field has been reduced to a search button. Tap the search button to expand the search field to type.




Oilfield Tank with Location Asset Model – AP3 with Tank Volume Monitoring

Tanks are usually given their location through manual entry in the tank’s configuration page. This new asset model will use the device GPS location. The tank volume is also part of this new asset model.



Tank Graphic Widget as Asset Icon

Tanks that monitor oil and water volumes separately, the asset icon for those tanks is a widget that will show the separate volumes of water and oil.



All Tank Graphics Updated to New Style




Allow Digital Library Access from the Enforcement View

Drivers who have the Library permission and have access to the digital library on their tablet will now have access to the digital library while in Enforcement View, allowing that inspecting officer access to the digital library files.



Update Auto Arrive Distance to 1000ft via Permission

The auto arrive feature will normally activate when a tractor gets within 500ft of the target location. This permission will change that to within 1000ft of the target location which helps when the stop location is a longer distance from the geofence pin location.



Inspections on Custom Trailers Should Show the Custom Trailer Name in OneView

Now all inspections on custom trailers will show the name of the trailer as the driver entered it into POV.




Tank Inventory by Location

This new report will show the current volume , Ullage, Fill Ullage, Fill Ullage %, Average Daily Usage (gal/day) and Days in Inventory.



Updated Job Analysis Report to Look at Landmark Events for Arrive/Depart Times

If not using the auto arrival feature, it can sometimes be the case that drivers neglect to mark their arrival or departure times while completing their jobs. The Job Analysis report will now look at the tractor’s arrival and departure from the target landmark to determine the arrival and departure times for the job.