6 Benefits of Electronic Logbook Trucking Solutions

ELD Tablet

What ELD Solution is Right for You? And What Are the Benefits of Electronic Logbooks?

Ask yourself:

  • Does your company need to improve its driver safety scores?
  • Are you struggling with drivers violating HOS (Hours-of-Service) regulations?
  • Are you constantly on hold with your current electronic logging provider?
  • Do you want to save your company time and money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, OneView electronic log books and fleet solutions may be right for your business.

Many transportation companies have the misconception that the latest fleet management systems and electronic logbooks only benefit owners while providing no real benefits to drivers. But we spoke with several of our ELD customers to compile six great reasons why you shouldn’t go another day without the latest compliance-ready software.

1. Increased Safety Scores

For companies struggling to maintain a high safety score, business may not be booming. With an ELD, you can boost your company’s score, as well as provide a safer driving environment for employees.

Systems can provide real-time reports on speed, mileage, stops and engine diagnostics, as well as alert drivers when it’s nearing the end of their driving time. This can make a significant impact on your company’s overall safety score, ultimately leading to lower insurance premiums and increased profits.

2. Reduce Errors and Improve Accuracy

Drivers have hard enough jobs, and the constantly changing government regulations make them even tougher. Electronic logs save drivers not only time, but prevent them from the worries of grammatical and mathematical errors.

The real-time, up-to-date information provided from an ELD will always be filled out correctly and electronically stored data will never be lost or misplaced. With the reduction of paper work for drivers, more time will be spent on the road, putting more money in your bottom line.

3. Reduce HOS (Hours-of-Service) Violations

Hours-of-service violations are typically not noticed or dealt with until it’s too late, which can lead to company penalties. ELDs automatically notify both drivers and office staff when drivers are nearing the 11 hour driving limit, as well the 14 hour on-duty limit.

GPS tracking systems aid electronic logbooks by providing accurate, real-time geographic information, allowing drivers to map out safe stops in advance, ensuring that violations do not occur.

ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

4. Improve Driver Behavior

ELDs, coupled with fleet tracking solutions, can provide data on reckless driving behaviors, such as fatigued driving, speeding and incorrect log entries. In addition, fleet managers can keep an eye on their drivers and on the road with OneView’s CameraView dual dash cam solution, leading to both increased safety but also acting as supporting evidence in case of vehicle accidents or driver violations. From this information, employers can address problems and coach bad driving habits to prevent violations that can lead to penalties, FMCSA audits or even worse, an accident.

Systems that are integrated with an engine computer, like Pedigree Technologies Fleet Management, can provide to-the-minute readings of how long drivers have actually been on the road, reducing the number of fatigued drivers behind the wheel.

5. Breeze Through Inspections

Daily inspections can be a time consuming process for drivers when filling out paper forms. In the event of a road-side inspection, ELDs can be removed for review of log books and vehicle inspection reports by a law enforcement officer. The automated Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (EDVIR) and IFTA reports have allowed one Pedigree customer to save $48,000 a year by reducing manual paperwork.

6. More Functionality on the Road

An ELD can increase functionality for drivers spending long hours on the road. There are huge benefits for companies using tablets for ELDs rather than proprietary devices. The tablet allows mobile workers to instantly communicate with home office staff, fill out fuel purchase forms and stay in touch with family and friends.

Lastly, the tablet provides entertainment to drivers during downtime.

Pedigree Technologies state-of-the-art OneView platform, fleet software solutions, technology and hardware were created with you in mind, working towards the ultimate goal of making your business more efficient and profitable.

Ready to give it a shot? Talk to our team on how you can test drive an ELD solution.

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Pedigree Technologies state-of-the-art OneView software, technology and hardware were created with you in mind, working towards the ultimate goal of making your business more efficient and profitable.

Ready to give it a shot? Talk to our team on how you can test drive an ELD solution.

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