A New Tool for Your OneView Toolbox

Pedigree Technologies is excited to announce another tool for your OneView toolbox:

'Historical Location Search' Dashboard Module

Have you ever had someone complain about the poor driving of one of your vehicles, but you don’t know if a vehicle was there or which one was there? Have you ever had to prove that one of your assets was at a certain location, but you don’t know which asset would have been there?


The Historical Location Search module can tell you if ANY of your assets were at a specific location at a specific time. No need to check the historical location of each and every asset one at a time!

How to Search


Choose a Location:
  • Address Field: Use a Street Address, an Intersection, or just City and State – this field is pretty flexible.
  • Latitude & Longitude: Enter coordinates or set the coordinates by clicking the map to place the marker. Hist.Loc.Search.02b

    **Manually adjust the location of the radius by dragging the location marker to a new spot on the map.

  • Choose a Duration of Time – Today, Yesterday, or Custom (max 1 day)
  • Choose the Size of the Area (radius) – Maximum of 10mi/16km (feet/meters also available)
Viewing Results – Single Asset:

If a single asset is found, within the search radius, the Location History will be displayed alongside the map.

Viewing Results – Multiple Assets:

When multiple assets are found, within the search radius, simply click on an asset in the legend, to the right of the map, to display the Location History of the selected asset.

Tip: If you know the specific asset you need a historical location on, it might be simpler to just go to the “Location History” tab on the asset details page.

Hist.Loc.Search.06To get to an individual asset’s Location History, select the asset in the tree (1) or use the asset search to find which asset you’d like to select and then click on the Location History tab for that asset (2).

Try It Out!

Create a new dashboard tab with the Historical Location Search module to give it a try!
Hist.Loc.Search.05  For help setting up dashboard modules, watch our ‘Dashboards’ training video