As the previous Market Development manager for Pedigree Technologies, Jacob is highly engaged with operators in a wide range of industries. Jacob pairs companies with solutions that solve their most pressing operational challenges.
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How Asset Tracking Saves Time and Money

Businesses are always looking for ways to be more efficient. But they don’t try to increase efficiency so they can take longer coffee breaks. The end goal of improving current processes is, of course, to reduce costs, increase revenue, and grow the business.

And so many operations have their eyes open for opportunities to work more efficiently. The question becomes, “how can you get significant results without dramatically altering the operations of  your organization?”  If you’re still tracking your assets and equipment the old-fashioned way, the answer is easier than you may think.

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5 Ways Telematics Benefit Equipment Rental Companies

Rental companies have a lot on their plate: meeting customer’s needs, maintaining  fleets of equipment, and making sure that the equipment performs as required are just a few of their top priorities. Staying ahead of it all has always been a challenge. That’s why the best rental companies have turned to technology to alleviate inventory issues, prevent costly equipment breakdowns, and increase profits. While their competition may have updated their customer database and billing systems, the most profitable operations are increasingly putting technology, especially telematics, to good use.

How Telematics Benefit
Equipment Rental Companies

1) Increasing Billable Hours

Many companies bill at 8 hours of run-time per day. However, customers often end up using the equipment longer. Without telematics in place, there’s no efficient way to know for sure just how long it was used.

Equipment management solutions like Oneview allow you to have complete visibility of your assets, so you can bill for the hours the equipment was actually used. If your customer does run it for longer than the allotted time, you can adjust the price of the rental accordingly. This way you can increase your bottom line and are holding customers accountable for the time it was used. Just be sure to include a statement to this effect in your rental agreement!

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