With a background in technology, education and web development, Lynette Burgan has 5 years of formal classroom teaching experience as well as 10+ years of teaching technology to adult learners. Lynette brings her passion for teaching technology to Pedigree Technologies and continues to develop new ways to enhance our customers' training experience.

2020 Q4 Product Update Report

Download the full 2020 Q4 Product Update Report PDF



User Creation Username Check
Drivewyze Safety+
New Actor Class Icons
Option of “Portal Only” alarm notifications



Unlink drivers from vehicles when Off Duty / Show previous linked driver/vehicle
HOS violations conditional on usage of sleeper berth
POV notes conditional hours remaining and violation depending upon sleeper berth usage
Permission to hide primary customer carrier so driver has only one option and doesn’t have to select a carrier
Unretired drivers will not count as having uncertified days during their retired timeframe



DVR Request with Time-lapse option
Camera Setup Camera Type Select
Dual Camera LED updated to only blink on initial boot-up



Ability to share location via text or email
Trends added to mobile
Expanding search button



Oilfield Tank w/ Location Asset Model / AP3 with tank volume monitoring
Tank graphic widget as asset icon
All tank graphics updated to new style
Generic Tanks and Tanks by location updated to accept Tanksite asset types (Oilfield tanks for example)



Allow digital library access from the Enforcement View
Update auto arrive distance to 1000ft via permission
Inspections on custom trailers should show the custom trailer name in OneView



Tank Inventory by Location
Updated Job Analysis Report to look at landmark events for arrive/depart times




User Creation Username Check

When you enter a new user in OneView, you will now see if the username is already taken as soon as you type it into the username field. Before, you would not know that information until you clicked save.


Drivewyze Safety+

POV has been fully integrated with Drivewyze for a while now. Their latest product, Drivewyze Safety+ is now also an integration option in POV. For more information about Drivewyze and Drivewyze Safety+, talk to your account manager.


New Actor Classes





Option of “Portal Only” alarm notifications

Now there is another option for alarm notification that is “Portal Only.” This would allow any of the users selected in the notifications to see the alarm in OneView but not have to receive an email or a text message.




Unlink Drivers From Vehicles When Off Duty/Show Previous linked Driver/Vehicle

After a driver goes off duty, the tractor that they were linked to will then show No Driver but there will be a new field for Last (driver). The Driver will show No Vehicle after going off duty and will show a Last (vehicle). Off duty (break) and Off Duty Personal Use records do not unlink drivers from vehicles.


HOS Violations that are Conditional on Usage of Sleeper Berth are not Confirmed until the Condition is Past

Drivers that use split sleeper berth will sometimes show an HOS violation that will disappear or be invalidated if the driver fulfills their sleeper berth hours as per the HOS rules.


POV Notes Conditional Hours Remaining and Violation Depending Upon Sleeper Berth Usage

Drivers that use split sleeper berth will be prompted that they are nearing or are out of hours unless they finish their shift in sleeper berth.


Permission to Hide Primary Customer Carrier so Driver has Only One Option and Doesn’t Have to Select a Carrier

For companies who have multiple carriers, the primary carrier can be “hidden” which could then allow drivers to skip the Carrier screen while logging into POV. This new feature only affects companies with multiple carriers. To learn more about this feature, visit with your account manager.


Permission to Hide Primary Customer Carrier so Driver has Only One Option and Doesn’t Have to Select a Carrier

Previous to this change, if a driver left your company and then returned, when you reactivated the driver after retiring them, they would still have shown uncertified days for all the time they were gone. That will no longer happen. The system will no longer mark the days while the driver was inactive as needing to be certified, thereby also cleaning up your Compliance tab uncertified days numbers for seasonal drivers or returning drivers. Make sure to retire seasonal drivers when their season is over and then you can reactivate them when they come back.




DVR Request with Time-lapse Option

When making a DVR Request, there is now a Video Duration option to choose time-lapse durations in addition to a 1 minute video.

Time-lapse durations will take every 100th frame of video for the chosen duration. For example if you choose 60 minutes (Time-lapse) the video will start at your Start time, look at the next 60 minutes of video footage and return a video that is a compilation of every 100th frame for that 60 minutes. The resulting video is compressed to less than 60 seconds.

The video window below shows a time-lapse duration of 35 minutes 35 seconds with a resulting video of 21 seconds. Note: if you request a larger timeframe than the amount of video available for that date and time, the results will only return for the amount of actual video available.



Camera Setup Camera Type Select

When connecting to a tractor’s camera, the camera setup now has a field to choose which type of camera the truck is using.





Dual Camera LED Updated to Only Blink on Initial Bootup

Because the LED power light on the SmartCam device distracted drivers after dark, the light will now only blink on boot-up and then turn off.




Ability to Share Locations Via Text or Email

The location of any asset in your account can be shared via text or email from OneView Mobile. Click the share option, choose the app on your phone to share with, like your email app or messaging app, and then send the location to your recipient. They will receive the address off the asset and a link to that address from Google maps.



Trends Added to Mobile

Trends now appear in OneView Mobile. Tap on the asset, and then tap on the trends tab. You can change the duration just as you can in the desktop version of OneView.



Expanding Search Button

The search field has been reduced to a search button. Tap the search button to expand the search field to type.




Oilfield Tank with Location Asset Model – AP3 with Tank Volume Monitoring

Tanks are usually given their location through manual entry in the tank’s configuration page. This new asset model will use the device GPS location. The tank volume is also part of this new asset model.



Tank Graphic Widget as Asset Icon

Tanks that monitor oil and water volumes separately, the asset icon for those tanks is a widget that will show the separate volumes of water and oil.



All Tank Graphics Updated to New Style




Allow Digital Library Access from the Enforcement View

Drivers who have the Library permission and have access to the digital library on their tablet will now have access to the digital library while in Enforcement View, allowing that inspecting officer access to the digital library files.



Update Auto Arrive Distance to 1000ft via Permission

The auto arrive feature will normally activate when a tractor gets within 500ft of the target location. This permission will change that to within 1000ft of the target location which helps when the stop location is a longer distance from the geofence pin location.



Inspections on Custom Trailers Should Show the Custom Trailer Name in OneView

Now all inspections on custom trailers will show the name of the trailer as the driver entered it into POV.




Tank Inventory by Location

This new report will show the current volume , Ullage, Fill Ullage, Fill Ullage %, Average Daily Usage (gal/day) and Days in Inventory.



Updated Job Analysis Report to Look at Landmark Events for Arrive/Depart Times

If not using the auto arrival feature, it can sometimes be the case that drivers neglect to mark their arrival or departure times while completing their jobs. The Job Analysis report will now look at the tractor’s arrival and departure from the target landmark to determine the arrival and departure times for the job.

2020 Q3 Product Update Report

Download the entire 2020 Q3 Product Update Report.




OneView Tablet UI Update
Backup battery status should show on summary tab for all applicable assets
Acceleration stats now update as they occur during the current day
No longer support Internet Explorer as of October 1st, 2020




Unidentified Record Manager Update
Updated Compliance Page
Ag Exempt Rule (395.1 (k)) Rule
OV HOS recap show current days stat
New HOS rules and auto rule select
• Adverse Conditions note will add 2 hours to driving limit and on duty, not driving limit for US Rules




Active users and inactive users combined into one list
Active drivers and inactive drivers combined into one list




Full screen button on maps




Auto login if shutdown happened in the last 5 minutes
Dual Camera support




State Miles Toll Data Report
Update Fuel Purchase History and Fuel Purchase HOS Duty Status Reports to landscape when exported
Add tractor to Yard Move, Personal Use and Non-commercial Reports
Vehicle Inspection Print Report
Update start/end of day report to have a column for “Duration of Day”
Column added for inspection duration to inspection reports (based upon permission)



OneView Tablet UI Update

You will notice a subtle change to the look of OneView on a tablet when viewing from a mobile browser. The main menu and each page’s sub-menu will appear as higherarchial rows of buttons. Click through to any page.

The asset tree will be your default view just as in OneView Mobile (unless you’ve opted for the map view as default).

Open region folders to show assets. The sub-tabs that you normally see on details pages are now listed in a row directly above the details. Click on them to view each page.

View your assets on the map view.


Backup battery status should show on summary tab for all applicable assets

You will now see a Backup Battery Status in the asset summary information on the status tab below the map.


Acceleration stats now update as they occur during the current day

You will see the current day in your scorecard’s current week/month/quarter view and now the acceleration/deceleration stats for the current day will be included.


No longer support Internet Explorer as of October 1, 2020.

Technology changes with lightning speed and so does the code that runs it. Keeping our code up to date is something we take pride in and therefore we must make a move to stop supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer. This does not mean that OneView will immediately stop working within Internet Explorer on October 1st. Most functions will continue to work as they have for some time, however, we will no longer be testing to verify changes nor will we guarantee Internet Explorer support.

If you regularly use Explorer for OneView, we are urging you to switch to another browser. You can switch to any of our supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You will see a reminder in the header if you are still using Internet Explorer.





Unidentified Record Manager Update

The unidentified record manager has received an overhaul, separating records into three lists: open, pending, and annotated, as well as an updated assignment process. You can now assign multiple record segments at once, see how many miles were included in each segment, as well as landmark locations of any records in a geo-fenced area and which drivers were connected to the truck before or after any record if that information is known.


Updated Compliance Page

The compliance page received a few adjustments. Category names are now on the top row. The unidentified record count now shows the number of open records, pending records and annotated records as separate totals. The region list also has the separated unidentified record totals as well.


Ag Exempt Rule (395.1(k)) Ruleset

For companies who use the Ag Exempt rule, you can now use this ruleset in POV. Talk with your account manager to add this ruleset to your account.

When using the auto rule set selection feature, if you use Ag Exempt plus the Agricultural Commodity option, the tablet will automatically change the driver’s ruleset to Ag Exempt within 150 air miles of the ag reporting location and automatically change the driver to the federal rules when they exit the 150 air mile radius.


OneView HOS recap shows current day’s stat

When looking at a driver logbook, the date blocks show the total on duty time for each day. Now today’s date block includes the total on duty hours through the last status received by OneView.


New HOS rules

On September 29th, 2020, the new adjustments adopted by the FMCSA went into affect. In OneView, drivers either automatically saw their ruleset change to the updated 2020 rules, or managers manually changed their ruleset. If you have not adjusted your driver’s ruleset yet, talk to your account manager if you need more information.


Adverse Conditions Note

If a driver adds the note “adverse” or “adverse conditions” anywhere in their day, POV and OneView will extend their driving limit and their On Duty limits by 2 hours if they are in any U.S. rulesets. This does not apply to any intrastate rules or Canada rules.





Active users and inactive users combined into one list

Admin users will now access the Active users and Inactive users from the main user list in the admin area. There is a new column that allows both active and inactive users to be shown on the same list.


Active drivers and inactive drivers combined into one list

Admin users will now access the Active drivers and Inactive drivers from the Driver list in the admin area. There is a new column that allows both active and inactive drivers to be shown on the same list.






Users can now complete assigned jobs on the OneView Mobile app. The jobs icon is the suitcase with the number of jobs assigned. Tap it to view the list of assigned jobs. Tap a job to view its tasks and to complete tasks.


Full screen buttons on maps

When using OneView Mobile, there is now a full screen button on maps. Tap to enlarge. Use the reduce icon to revert back to the small map from the details page.





Auto login if shutdown happened in the last 5 minutes

There are times when a driver needs to restart their tablet. Now when a driver powers off the device and then boots it back up, if no more than 5 minutes has passed, they will continue to be logged into POV and will not have to enter their username and password again.



A new feature that will soon be available to customers is Conversations. It will eventually replace Messages and it will be more like a traditional chat; similar to text messaging. The best part is that users in OneView and drivers in POV can now send images or pdf’s through conversations.


Dual Camera Support

CameraView now has a dual camera option. We also added some extra event metrics.

• Still images – The dual camera shows a road view and a small picture in picture view of the driver as the still image in the summary card and on the location history tab. (Front facing camera will have only a road facing still image.)

• Stop sign violation – When a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or stop light, a video event will be created. (Event created with either dual camera or front facing camera)

• Posted speed violation – When a driver violates the posted speed limit, a video event will be created. (Event created with either dual camera or front facing camera)

• Tailgating – If the driver tailgates, a video event will be created. (Event created with either dual camera or front facing camera)

• Audio alert – The dual camera will include an audio alert when tailgating, speed violations, or missed stops are detected. (Dual camera only)





State Miles Toll Data Report

For companies who need to report toll data, they can now use the State Miles Toll Data report. Talk to your account manager if you need access to this report.


Updated Fuel Purchase History and Fuel Purchase HOS Duty Status Reports

We have updated the Fuel Purchase History and Fuel Purchase HOS Duty Status Reports to be fomatted to landscape when exported or printed.


Add Tractor to Yard Move, Personal Use and Non-commercial Reports

Now you can view which tractor was used during a driver’s special duty status.


Vehicle Inspection Print Report

This new report shows all of the inspection points with green checks for “passed” and red checks for “defect” on each item. At the top of the page, use the arrows on the right to cycle through each page of results. There will be one inspection per page with tractor and trailer inspections being separate, even if performed at the same time. You will see the asset inspected as well as the date and time. The bottom of the report shows the remarks made on the inspection points, and which driver did the inspection. Also you will see the date and time of the inspection review, if the inspection had a defect, the driver who did the inspection review, and the result of the review of that inspection.


Update start/end of day report to have a column for “Duration of Day”

The Start/End of Day Report now includes a column for “Duration of Day” in hours.


Column added for inspection duration to inspection reports (based upon permission)

If you would like to include a column for the duration of each inspection in your inspection reports, we now have a permission that can be added to your account. Talk to your account manager if you would like this set up.

New Logbook and Driver Summary Tab Changes in OneView

Download the New Logbook Changes pdf

New Changes to Driver Logbook and Summary Tabs in OneView
Changes have been made to the driver log book page and the summary tab in OneView. Some changes are just visual changes with an updated look, and a few are functional changes that are different than before and may require clicking a different icon than you are used to. The biggest change is in the logbook editing process which will no longer have a menu style editor, but now all of the fields are in one open window. We have outlined the changes in this document.

On the Summary Tab:
There is a new look for the Driver Summary tab.

As a reminder, here’s the old summary tab:

HOS Current Status changed to bar graphs showing a visual representation of how much time a driver has, as well as the actual amount of time.

When a driver is off duty, you will see the Available Tomorrow, Next Daily Reset and Next Period Reset times appear next to the HOS current status bars.

HOS Recap now shows an updated √ in the shield for certified days or an empty shield for uncertified days. There are new icons for ruleset/cycle changes, suggested edits and Period Reset (see the key later in this document). The recap will continue to show pink for days with violations.

Jobs will show as cards below the HOS limits.

Logbook Tab:

The calendar will now show HOS violations in red and the orange carrots are for
uncertified days.

Email, Export, and Transfer Logs
There are now separate buttons to export logs, email logs, Transfer ELD Data, and Import ELD files (if your account has that permission) at the top of the page above the date blocks.

Updated Date Blocks

On the calendar days there will be symbols for Certified/Uncertified days, Period Rest, Rule Change, and Suggested Edits. (The symbols below also appear on the HOS Recap.)

Updated Ruleset and Time zone
The Rule Set is now shown on the left-hand side. The date and time zone are in the middle.

The log records will reflect the driver’s home terminal time zone. If your time zone is different than the driver’s, the time zone will be red. If you click on the exclamation you will get the below warning:

Log Table Changes
The log table includes new buttons, new colors, and new exporting capabilities as well as some updated icons and indicators.

A new color coordinated bar is now on the side which shows the duty status colors, grey for non-duty status events, and red for violations.

Instead of a check box for “Duty Statuses Only” you will now toggle between Active Duty Statuses and All Records.

To insert a record, use the Insert Duty Status dropdown. You can also Insert Rule Change to back date a ruleset change, or reverse a mistaken ruleset change. (Previously, inserts were made with a plus button and you couldn’t change the ruleset/cycle.)

Record details for editing log records or inserting new records has changed to the following window:

None of the fields have changed, they are simply contained in the same window instead of opening each item separately as in the old accordion style menu.


Driver Logbooks in OneView Mobile
Driver logbooks can now be accessed in OneView Mobile by HOS Managers and by Drivers with permission.

For drivers who are given permission to access their logbook in OneView Mobile, they can manage their log records the same way they would as if they logged into OneView. They cannot connect to a tractor and use OneView Mobile as a true ELD, but they can add an On Duty, Not Driving status, or Off Duty status to manage work hours while not in an ELD vehicle.

The Status tab is the equivalent of the Summary tab in the desktop view of OneView.
HOS Current Status
Just like the changes in OneView, the HOS Current Status will show bars with the time for each HOS limit according to the driver’s rule set.

HOS Recap
The HOS Recap will show just like it does in the new OneView version, including the new icons and Period Reset time.

Jobs will not show in the Status tab. The user can see their assigned jobs using the jobs icon (suitcase) at the top of the app.

The Logs tab shows the driver’s logbook records.

Tap the calendar to view other days. Just like the Changes to desktop OneView, the calendar will show dates with violations in red, and orange carrots for uncertified days.

Certify Records
Drivers can tap the empty shield to certify an unsigned day.

Rule Set and Time Zone
You can see the driver’s rule set and the time zone of the log records. If it is different than your own, it will be red with a warning message.

Active Duty Statuses/All Records Toggle
Use these buttons to toggle between full list of records or only duty statuses.

Use the plus button to insert a new record.
Ellipsis Menu
Use the ellipsis button to Certify this log record (driver’s only) Export the log as a PDF, or Email the log book records.

Status Colors
The status records are color coded, just like the new look in desktop OneView.

Enter New Record or Edit current Record
Use the plus button to insert a new record, or tap on a current record to edit an existing record. The fields for that record will open.

Select the date and time of the record (new records only)

Inserted records can only be On Duty, Not Driving or Off Duty.

Other Fields
Edit other fields as needed.