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Introducing CameraView

We’re thrilled to introduce CameraView™, the latest addition to the OneView platform and solution suite. This time- and cost-saving solution extends the most intuitive, reliable, and growth-oriented ELD solution on the market.

You can find the official press release and more information below:

"Pedigree Technologies Introduces CameraView™"

Fargo, ND / ACCESSWIRE / August 26,2019

Pedigree Technologies today introduced CameraView™, a plug-and-play front-view camera solution enabling drivers and fleets to intuitively capture visual recordings of what precipitated and followed any critical event such as vehicular impact or upon driver initiation. CameraView is the most recent addition to Pedigree Technologies’ award-winning OneView platform, leveraging the ELD Chrome solution and existing data connection.

“According to industry studies, up to 75% of accidents involving commercial trucks are not the fault of the truck drivers, leading Pedigree Technologies to develop a solution that directly addresses this potential cost-trap for companies,” says Wade Wilson, CEO of Pedigree Technologies. “CameraView further expands a set of highly intuitive and integrated suite of solutions for our customers, all accessible through our single platform solution. The team has worked very diligently with partners and customers to bring this high-value solution to market. We are very excited about this solution and what it can do for customers’ growth. CameraView was designed to work seamlessly with OneView’s suite of applications including ELD Chrome, Fleet Manager, Diagnostics, Jobs & Dispatch, Tire Pressure Monitoring, and more.”

Pedigree Technologies will demonstrate the advantages of CameraView at the McLeod User Conference following a breakout session titled “Eliminating Operational Blindspots: Total Visibility in One Platform” on Monday, August 26, in addition, to live demonstrations throughout the conference. Attendees will see how CameraView is an invaluable step forward in providing a seamless set of applications that provide complete operational visibility (further breaking down the siloed applications that persist in the market today).

“Pedigree Technologies’ OneView has long been one of the most reliable solutions in the market,” says Joshua DeCock, Director of Product Management. “We continuously strive to add performance-, safety-, and people-enhancing solutions.”

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies is the leading provider of solutions that enable companies to make better business decisions by providing real-time visibility and management tools via the OneView platform. The OneView platform is customizable and built for growth with expandable solutions for People (enterprise), Safety (compliance), and Performance (service/supply chain), while improving the ability to dynamically manage people and operating environments in an increasingly complex, interconnected real-time life. Key solutions include ELDs, asset tracking, fleet management, maintenance, dispatching, and more. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Fargo, North Dakota. For more information, visit

Titan Logix and Pedigree Technologies Form Industrial IoT Solution Partnership

We’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Titan Logix to provide crucial and growth-promoting supply chain management solutions to manage fresh and wastewater for drilling and fracking operations in the oil and gas industry. Together we look forward to the continued success and leading-edge solutions that we can bring to our customers and the marketplace.

You can find the official press release (as published on Yahoo! News) and more information below:


Edmonton-based Titan Logix Corp. (TLA.V) and Fargo-based Pedigree Technologies, LLC. announced today that the two companies have entered into a formal partnership to provide supply chain management solutions (SCM) for the management of all produced water at the wellsite, as well as fresh and wastewater during drilling and fracking operations.

Titan Logix Corp. will supply their innovative, integrated, and advanced-edge sensor hardware technology solutions to supply valuable data to end users.

Pedigree Technologies will provide end-to-end water IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and telematics-enabled supply and service chain system software, hardware, and support services that allows customers to operate with better information and software to be more customer focused and operate more effectively and efficiently. The solution will also be capable of uniting oil and gas companies with their service providers and vice versa for 360-degree water management operations.

The overall solution will help customers track and monitor produced water in the field, on the road, and in the office, while simultaneously helping automate transportation logistics, improve safety and environmental concerns, and accuracy across the supply chain from ticketing through invoicing.

“This partnership is the next step forward in the evolution of the journey to be an industry-leading IIoT solutions provider,” says Alvin Pyke, Chief Executive Officer, Titan Logix Corp. “We continue our passion to be leaders and innovators in the industrial IoT marketplace.”

“Pedigree Technologies is excited to work with Titan Logix in bringing next generation solutions to the oil and gas market with precision accuracy and a comprehensive set of solutions and support services,” says Wade Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, for Pedigree Technologies. “Innovation is core to our strategy and vision, and we are very excited to work with customers around this initiative to better connect our customers within the emerging next-generation water system (industry).”

About Titan Logix Corp.
Founded in 1979, Titan Logix Corp. (“Titan” or “the Company”) is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative fluid measurement and management solutions. The Company’s products include Guided Wave Radar (GWR) gauges for level measurement and overfill prevention, primarily for use in the mobile tanker truck market, level gauges for storage tanks, and communication systems for remote alarming and control. Titan’s products are mainly used in the upstream/midstream oil and gas industry. Secondary industries for its products include the aviation, waste fluid collection, and chemical industries.

Titan’s products are designed to be a part of a complete Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. The ultimate solution consists of Titan’s products integrated with best-in-class data management to enable end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for our customers’ SCM.

Titan Logix Corp. is a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and its shares trade under the symbol TLA.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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Why Asset Tracking Is Important For Oil and Gas Equipment

Drilling an oil well typically includes the coordination of 10 to 30 different service companies. With all of the crews and equipment involved, it can be difficult to know where they are located and what they are doing. To gain real-time visibility into their remote operations, oil and gas companies are turning to equipment tracking software. Utilization of these technologies allows businesses to increase the productivity and efficiency of the equipment while simultaneously boosting their customer service.

Oil and gas companies using equipment management experience many benefits. Here’s just a glimpse of what OneView can do for you:

Asset Tracking Benefits for Oil & Gas

1. Locate All Assets Equipment

Equipment can often be at a job site for days or weeks at a time, especially when it comes to oil and gas equipment or oil rental equipment. After that long, it can be misplaced – or worse, stolen. Taking the time to manually search for missing machines, tools, or other equipment in these instances costs your company in more ways than one. Workers drive from site to site, burning up fuel, clocking more hours, and putting priority jobs on hold. But with an equipment tracking system, you can instantly locate all equipment and get back to business faster. Using any device that has an internet connection, all equipment location data can be accessed on a single screen, with a single login.

2. Boost Customer Service

In the oil and gas industry, there are hundreds of pieces of equipment and trucks that come and go each day. In the midst of all this activity, it’s inevitable that delays will arise. Traffic congestion, a long line at the last job site, or a breakdown on the side of the road are all too common in the service industry and can lead to angry customers stuck waiting for your worker to arrive. Although an equipment tracking system cannot prevent these inconveniences, it can keep you notified on the status of your workers, allowing you to update the customer with the most accurate arrival time.

3. Properly Schedule Maintenance

Breakdowns can immobilize your entire operation. Costly downtime is often the result of basic checkups like oil changes and tire rotations slipping through the cracks. Equipment tracking systems coupled with a maintenance solution allow users to properly schedule usage or time-based maintenance. Configured notifications and alerts can be set up to remind managers of upcoming maintenance appointments weeks or days in advance, ensuring routine appointments are never missed.

4. Improve Billing

One of the most common questions when processing billing for rental companies is, “How long was my equipment actually in use?” When a piece of equipment is rented out, or on a job site for a long period of time, hard copies of runtime reports get lost, and hours of use go unrecorded. When actual engine runtime blurs together, billable hours are skewed, upsetting both the customer and the business. Equipment tracking systems provide instant reports on idle time, usage time and overall engine runtime. With all this data at your fingertips, billing discrepancies are easily resolved and all billable hours are accounted for.

5. Enhance Communication with Remote Workers

Relying on drivers to pick up the phone and keep you updated is a poor strategy in the oil and gas industry. Not only does it often slip the remote workers’ minds, it is also unsafe (and in some cases illegal). With equipment tracking, you instantly pull asset location with GPS tracking and safely communicate with workers by utilizing dispatching software. An in-cab device provides safe instant messaging between home office staff and the remote worker, but only when the truck or vehicle is stopped and not in use. Update job lists and instantly share them safely to the device, enhancing communication with all employees.


Take your oil and gas business to the next level by making the most of technology. With OneView, you can stop wasting time and resources and start streamlining your operation today.

Note: This post was originally published October 2013, and has been updated and edited for relevancy and accuracy.