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6 Reasons Why Drivers Actually Like Using ELDs

Many companies are implementing electronic logging devices (ELDs) to streamline safety and compliance for their entire fleet. Switching from paper logs to electronic logs can seem very intimidating to drivers and many will have their reservations when utilizing this technology. Many drivers feel like ELDs are just another way for big brother to look over their shoulder. However, we have found that once drivers start using ELDs they feel very differently. After the initial resistance, drivers start to realize that using an ELD actually saves them time and makes their jobs easier.

Here are six reasons why drivers like using ELDs:

1. Reduce Paperwork and Reporting Time

With ELDs, driver’s no longer have waste valuable time completing paper forms and calculating driver hours. The Pedigree’s Fleet Management pulls diagnostic information from the engine to help drivers automatically record their hours-of-service (HOS) data. ELDs also ensure that all hours are accurate and error-free so they can be used as a solid defense in case you are asked to drive more hours than you have available.

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How to Winterize Heavy Equipment

With cooler weather settling in, many construction companies, farmers and equipment rental businesses face the grueling task of preparing their equipment for harsh winter conditions. If you don’t properly winterize equipment, you could be hit with several serious problems come spring time. Your company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on those pieces of equipment, and replacing expensive machines due to lack of popper care is a luxury few can afford.

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ELD Tablet

What is an ELD and what is Electronic Logging?

Although they have been a hot topic in the technology field for the last couple years, some people are still wondering what exactly an electronic logging device is. An electronic logging device, or ELD, is an in-cab device that records critical data on vehicle movement, vehicle status and driver status. Data is collected on hours of service (HOS), engine runtime and idle time and vehicle reports are shared to a web-based counterpart in the home office.

How can you use logging devices?

By now you have probably heard all about the new HOS regulations that went into effect this past summer, so staying compliant is more important than ever. The most common use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) is to track HOS. In the past, many companies have completed this process by only using paper logs.

This was not only time-consuming for the drivers, but also for the office staff that had to review them and enter the hours into a database. The ELDs automatically send all driver information to the database where it can easily be reviewed and processed on the computer.

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