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2015 Q2 Product Update

It was a busy second quarter at the Pedigree Technologies offices. You can read about some of the fruits of our labor in this Quarterly Product Update.


“Amazon is awesome!”

   ~ Pedigree Technologies’ developers


The above quote was regularly heard around Pedigree Technologies headquarters in the weeks leading up to the completion of one of our biggest undertakings of the second quarter – we said goodbye to physical servers and moved the OneView platform to Amazon’s Web Services infrastructure.

While this might not sound like an overly exciting announcement, we’re very proud of this achievement and it means a faster and more reliable system for our customers. It also provides our developers more time to focus on continuing to build the best mobile resource management system for you.

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A New Tool for Your OneView Toolbox

Pedigree Technologies is excited to announce another tool for your OneView toolbox:

'Historical Location Search' Dashboard Module

Have you ever had someone complain about the poor driving of one of your vehicles, but you don’t know if a vehicle was there or which one was there? Have you ever had to prove that one of your assets was at a certain location, but you don’t know which asset would have been there?


The Historical Location Search module can tell you if ANY of your assets were at a specific location at a specific time. No need to check the historical location of each and every asset one at a time!

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ELD Tablet

6 Benefits of Electronic Logbook Trucking Solutions

What ELD Solution is Right for You? And What Are the Benefits of Electronic Logbooks?

Ask yourself:

  • Does your company need to improve its driver safety scores?
  • Are you struggling with drivers violating HOS (Hours-of-Service) regulations?
  • Are you constantly on hold with your current electronic logging provider?
  • Do you want to save your company time and money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, OneView electronic log books and fleet solutions may be right for your business.

Many transportation companies have the misconception that the latest fleet management systems and electronic logbooks only benefit owners while providing no real benefits to drivers. But we spoke with several of our ELD customers to compile six great reasons why you shouldn’t go another day without the latest compliance-ready software.

1. Increased Safety Scores

For companies struggling to maintain a high safety score, business may not be booming. With an ELD, you can boost your company’s score, as well as provide a safer driving environment for employees.

Systems can provide real-time reports on speed, mileage, stops and engine diagnostics, as well as alert drivers when it’s nearing the end of their driving time. This can make a significant impact on your company’s overall safety score, ultimately leading to lower insurance premiums and increased profits.

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