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What is a ‘digital library’?

A digital library allows drivers to store important documents such as licenses, medical cards, and other important paperwork directly on their device. A digital library solution can boost productivity, help avoid fines, speed up inspections, and improve fleet communication by allowing drivers and home office staff to upload and send necessary documents straight to drivers’ tablets that can then be accessed easily and at anytime.

Our Digital Library solution allows companies to easily store and manage the digital distribution of documents, images, and other relevant files on ELD devices via our OneView platform, along with access to the full suite of OneView solutions that offer users other timesaving single-platform and single-login tools.

What is telematics?

Telematics is a communication technology that monitors driver and vehicle behavior, vehicles, trailers, and/or equipment. Data is sent wirelessly to be analyzed for trends, in order for users to make more informed business or operational improvements. The data collected includes speed, location, fuel, and more.

Announcing OneView’s Digital Library Solution

We’re proud to announce Digital Library as the latest OneView solution that enables easier and faster communication between home offices, drivers, and other field workers.

You can find the official press release below:

Pedigree Technologies Announces Addition of Digital Library to Award-Winning IoT Platform - OneView

Digital Library Rounds Out IoT Enterprise Solution Set and Streamlines Document Management for Drivers and Fleets

MAY 12, 2021

FARGO, N.D. / PR Newswire / MAY 12, 2021

Pedigree Technologies LLC is proud to offer Digital Library as the newest tool to easily store and manage the digital distribution of documents, images, and other relevant files that may be critical to operations. Each DOT or field inspection requires the production of official documents, and if not available in sufficient time, that’s time lost and potential fines owed. Digital Library solves all of that and more. Everything a driver and fleet manager needs is right there, available with one login. Customers in oilfield, heavy construction, and transportation industries consider OneView’s Digital Library an easily searchable ‘digital binder’ for providing quick access to wellsite authorizations, emergency declaration documents, or oversize/overweight permits.

“When our customers expressed this need, we decided this would be a no-brainer,” Josh DeCock, VP of Product Management said. “With OneView as the main office interface (or platform) and POV as the driver app, the Digital Library makes documentation sharing easy and highly organized. Drivers have access to the files they need when they need them, directly on their ELD device, such as permits, license, medical cards, and other important documents.”

Digital Library is one of the newest additions to an already robust set of solutions built on the OneView platform. With Pedigree Technologies OneView®, drivers and fleet operators can rest easy knowing that not only is their ELD compliant with the FMCSA, but the reliability, functionality, usability are beyond measure.

The company is committed to superior customer focus, driving innovation and services that Pedigree customers realize first-hand. Pedigree’s enterprise solutions, on the award-winning OneView platform, are built for growth, intuitiveness, and reliability.

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies OneView® IoT platform is different than typical “Square peg – round hole” proprietary offerings. The hardware-neutral design connects any data or asset resource, fixed or mobile, spawning an extraordinary range of productivity and safety solutions. With best-of-breed options heartland industries — transportation, energy, heavy equipment, agriculture — can better create value for themselves and their customers.