As both a driver and a small fleet owner, Rickey Clark was dedicated to safety and industry compliance. As our Transportation Services Director, Rickey continues working with FMCSA regulations and transportation safety.
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5 Habits Every Fleet Manager Should Develop

As we get older, we realize that we are all creatures of habit. Without thinking about it, we do the same things each and every day. These days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and the months into years. Soon, we’re ingrained in the habits that we have developed over time.

While we all have habits we know we should break, we rarely give thought to developing good ones. The right habits will not only make our lives better but can also improve the lives and productivity of our employees.

Let’s discuss five habits that every good fleet manager needs to develop.

1) Staying Informed

We all study the same trends every day, cost per mile and why do we still have trucks sitting empty. As a fleet manager, I liked to know what’s going on. I hate surprises.

When arriving at the office at 6:15 every morning the very first thing I’d do is check my nightly run report. I wanted to know two things: Who ran all night, so my dispatchers will know who not to try to dispatch? Secondly, did any of my trucks have a problem that would delay them from pick up or delivery?

No one likes walking into the big office without the answers to satisfy the big boss when they want to know why their favorite driver isn’t where they’re supposed to be (and heaven forbid they pick up the phone and ask them directly I’m sure that would cause a rip in the very fabric of time).

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