Avoiding the ELD Traffic Jam

avoiding the eld traffic jam graphic header

As you well know, the FMCSA Mandate requiring all fleets that currently keep Hours of Service (HOS) records to have an approved AOBRD or Electronic Logging Device (ELD) system in place by December of 2017.

That may sound like plenty of time to make sure your fleet will be compliant with the new regulations. Unfortunately, its not that simple. In short, there are too many vehicles and too few reputable ELD providers. Before the deadline arrives, there will be a traffic jam.

Here Are The Facts:

That means that 104,000 AOBRDs/ELDs need to be implemented monthly to meet the Compliance Date – That’s 3,500 per day, or one every 23 seconds!
But here’s the issue: There are only about 5 AOBRD/ELD Providers which have been providing an ELD solution for 3+ years.

Millions of trucks headed
straight for a bottleneck.

There simply are not enough reputable AOBRD/ELD providers to meet demand created by the mandate. Simply put, some fleets will get caught in the traffic jam and find themselves not in compliance with the mandate when the deadline comes. Don’t let your fleet get caught in the bottleneck! Start the process now and get on the road ahead of the competition.


Here’s how to avoid the impending ELD Traffic Jam:

1) Learn more about our ELD Ready solution as you research potential ELD providers. 

2) Download our ELD Buyer’s Guide to help you along in the process.

3) When you’re ready, schedule a demo with one of our compliance experts. They will guide you through what you need to know about the mandate and help you choose, implement, and utilize ELDs for maximum effectiveness.