Definition and general topic glossary giving a brief overview of common industry, operational, compliance questions.

What is equipment management?

Equipment management software allows companies to remotely track, monitor, and manage all of their fixed and mobile assets in real-time, giving them a full view into their operations. Equipment tracking tools remove operational frustration and hassle for companies by making sure they have the right assets, at the right location, at the right time.

The equipment data collected can be used to track and report on equipment utilization and dormancy, all around improving fleet safety while keeping an eye on the wear-and-tear of high-value assets/equipment.

What is a ‘digital library’?

A digital library allows drivers to store important documents such as licenses, medical cards, and other important paperwork directly on their device. A digital library solution can boost productivity, help avoid fines, speed up inspections, and improve fleet communication by allowing drivers and home office staff to upload and send necessary documents straight to drivers’ tablets that can then be accessed easily and at anytime.

Our Digital Library solution allows companies to easily store and manage the digital distribution of documents, images, and other relevant files on ELD devices via our OneView platform, along with access to the full suite of OneView solutions that offer users other timesaving single-platform and single-login tools.

What is telematics?

Telematics is a communication technology that monitors driver and vehicle behavior, vehicles, trailers, and/or equipment. Data is sent wirelessly to be analyzed for trends, in order for users to make more informed business or operational improvements. The data collected includes speed, location, fuel, and more.