Meet the Cab-Mate One: Easiest Path to ELD Compliance — with a 10-Minute Install

Cab-Mate One PR launch
Pedigree Technologies Launches Cab-Mate™ One, an Affordable, All-in-One, Quick-Install ELD with the Market’s Only Compliant Cab-to-Cab Transferable Device

FARGO, N.D.Cab-Mate™ One, the most recent addition to Pedigree Technologies’ ELD Chrome Solution, becomes the most affordable, easy to implement and manage, plug-and-play device with a 10-minute (or less) install, and enables movement from cab to cab. The cutting-edge Cab-Mate One is the third addition to the FMCSA-certified ELD Chrome solution, built on the award-winning OneView platform.

Cab-Mate One is the result of comprehensive listening to customers who helped identify gaps in the ELD marketplace; ease of use, management, installation, movability, and lower cost. This further enhances the ELD Chrome solution, exceeding marketplace needs and proudly developed alongside CalAmp, the leading telematics pioneer powering autonomous IoT interaction.

“Our solution, the Cab-Mate One with ELD Chrome, represents a revolutionary jump forward into the future,” says Wade Wilson, CEO of Pedigree Technologies. “It provides real long-term customer value and expandability with other solutions and best-in-the-industry support and training, including on-device interactive sessions.”

Cab-Mate™ One is an all-in-one bundle, lower cost, easily managed, and transferable by drivers; extending the most intuitive, reliable, and growth-oriented ELD solution on the market.

“Pedigree Technologies’ OneView has long been one of the most robust solutions in the market,” says Justin Schmid, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CalAmp’s Telematics Systems Business, a strategic partner. “They’ve worked closely with us from conception through evolution in making the best products and solutions available for the emerging ELD transportation market.”

Cab-Mate One launch press release

Cab-Mate One promises high impact in the transportation industry, from small to mega-fleets, owned or rented. The ruggedized, “purpose-built” product is not only intuitive for in-cab use for drivers with diverse technical backgrounds; the device is also as movable as your drivers. Drivers autonomously install, set–up, and begin using without the need for a mechanic’s installation, a safety manager’s assistance, or involving a dispatcher to access any truck or trailer, whether company-owned, temporary rental, or even an unassigned trailer. The Cab-Mate One will serve as a cornerstone to the digital enterprise of the future when paired with the award-winning OneView and the plethora of applications for growth, including ELD Chrome.

“OneView applications and ELD Chrome are significantly aiding us in driver recruiting and retention, efficiently growing and scaling our business, and improving and maintaining our supplier rankings with our major customers,” Chris Jacobs, Venture Express Inc. IT Maintenance, said. “In addition, the teamwork and responsiveness of the Pedigree Team is a welcomed benefit.”