New Logbook and Driver Summary Tab Changes in OneView

Download the New Logbook Changes pdf

New Changes to Driver Logbook and Summary Tabs in OneView
Changes have been made to the driver log book page and the summary tab in OneView. Some changes are just visual changes with an updated look, and a few are functional changes that are different than before and may require clicking a different icon than you are used to. The biggest change is in the logbook editing process which will no longer have a menu style editor, but now all of the fields are in one open window. We have outlined the changes in this document.

On the Summary Tab:
There is a new look for the Driver Summary tab.

As a reminder, here’s the old summary tab:

HOS Current Status changed to bar graphs showing a visual representation of how much time a driver has, as well as the actual amount of time.

When a driver is off duty, you will see the Available Tomorrow, Next Daily Reset and Next Period Reset times appear next to the HOS current status bars.

HOS Recap now shows an updated √ in the shield for certified days or an empty shield for uncertified days. There are new icons for ruleset/cycle changes, suggested edits and Period Reset (see the key later in this document). The recap will continue to show pink for days with violations.

Jobs will show as cards below the HOS limits.

Logbook Tab:

The calendar will now show HOS violations in red and the orange carrots are for
uncertified days.

Email, Export, and Transfer Logs
There are now separate buttons to export logs, email logs, Transfer ELD Data, and Import ELD files (if your account has that permission) at the top of the page above the date blocks.

Updated Date Blocks

On the calendar days there will be symbols for Certified/Uncertified days, Period Rest, Rule Change, and Suggested Edits. (The symbols below also appear on the HOS Recap.)

Updated Ruleset and Time zone
The Rule Set is now shown on the left-hand side. The date and time zone are in the middle.

The log records will reflect the driver’s home terminal time zone. If your time zone is different than the driver’s, the time zone will be red. If you click on the exclamation you will get the below warning:

Log Table Changes
The log table includes new buttons, new colors, and new exporting capabilities as well as some updated icons and indicators.

A new color coordinated bar is now on the side which shows the duty status colors, grey for non-duty status events, and red for violations.

Instead of a check box for “Duty Statuses Only” you will now toggle between Active Duty Statuses and All Records.

To insert a record, use the Insert Duty Status dropdown. You can also Insert Rule Change to back date a ruleset change, or reverse a mistaken ruleset change. (Previously, inserts were made with a plus button and you couldn’t change the ruleset/cycle.)

Record details for editing log records or inserting new records has changed to the following window:

None of the fields have changed, they are simply contained in the same window instead of opening each item separately as in the old accordion style menu.


Driver Logbooks in OneView Mobile
Driver logbooks can now be accessed in OneView Mobile by HOS Managers and by Drivers with permission.

For drivers who are given permission to access their logbook in OneView Mobile, they can manage their log records the same way they would as if they logged into OneView. They cannot connect to a tractor and use OneView Mobile as a true ELD, but they can add an On Duty, Not Driving status, or Off Duty status to manage work hours while not in an ELD vehicle.

The Status tab is the equivalent of the Summary tab in the desktop view of OneView.
HOS Current Status
Just like the changes in OneView, the HOS Current Status will show bars with the time for each HOS limit according to the driver’s rule set.

HOS Recap
The HOS Recap will show just like it does in the new OneView version, including the new icons and Period Reset time.

Jobs will not show in the Status tab. The user can see their assigned jobs using the jobs icon (suitcase) at the top of the app.

The Logs tab shows the driver’s logbook records.

Tap the calendar to view other days. Just like the Changes to desktop OneView, the calendar will show dates with violations in red, and orange carrots for uncertified days.

Certify Records
Drivers can tap the empty shield to certify an unsigned day.

Rule Set and Time Zone
You can see the driver’s rule set and the time zone of the log records. If it is different than your own, it will be red with a warning message.

Active Duty Statuses/All Records Toggle
Use these buttons to toggle between full list of records or only duty statuses.

Use the plus button to insert a new record.
Ellipsis Menu
Use the ellipsis button to Certify this log record (driver’s only) Export the log as a PDF, or Email the log book records.

Status Colors
The status records are color coded, just like the new look in desktop OneView.

Enter New Record or Edit current Record
Use the plus button to insert a new record, or tap on a current record to edit an existing record. The fields for that record will open.

Select the date and time of the record (new records only)

Inserted records can only be On Duty, Not Driving or Off Duty.

Other Fields
Edit other fields as needed.