OneView has Gone Mobile

Pedigree Technologies has made it even easier for OneView users to stay connected with their assets. We have created OneView Mobile. This link allows any user with a smartphone or tablet to view their “assets” anytime or anyplace (as long as they have coverage).


 To Access OneView Mobile:

  1. Tap on the link below when viewing this email on your phone (or go to the browser on your phone and enter the link below):

  1. The following screen will display. Users need to enter their OneView User ID and Password and tap on Login.

  1. OneView Mobile will be display on the screen. Users can click on “Assets” to view any assets in OneView. Settings is where users can logout of the mobile link.

  1. Once “Assets” is clicked all the regions in OneView will display. Users can click on one of these to drill down to the “asset(s)” they would to view.

  1. Once users have found the “asset(s)” they would like to view they can click on the Map in the upper right corner to view their locations on a map.

  1. Users can also click on an “asset” to view speed, ignition, runtime. Use the map in the upper right corner to see the location of this asset.


Note: Once users have logged into the link they will stay logged in until logout is selected under Setting. The OneView link will not pull data continuously. Users will need to use the refresh button on the upper right side of the search box to pull new data.

This link can be saved to bookmarks on your Smartphone/Tablet so it is easily accessible. Please see the steps below for how to do this.