Pedigree Technologies and DOT Compliance Help, Create Compliance Solutions

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FARGO, N.D. Pedigree Technologies, LLC today announced their partnership with DOT Compliance Help, Inc, combining technology and consulting expertise to improve carrier safety, compliance, and productivity.

“With new emerging technologies, companies now have the tools necessary to make the jobs of fleet executives, managers and drivers easier;” said Alex Warner, CEO of Pedigree Technologies, “Coupling our fleet management solutions with DOT Compliance Help’s deep understanding of rules and regulations will provide our customers with multiple resources when managing compliance. This will ensure drivers and employees not only understand compliance, but see the value in using tools to improve safety.”

Pedigree Technologies OneView® provides web- and tablet-based applications to give businesses a 360-degree view of their operations by connecting their assets, vehicles, and equipment in the field, and the mobile workforce with the home office. In early 2012, the company released FleetPOV, now OneView ELD, a tablet app for capturing driver Hours of Service (HOS), and generating electronic logbooks, along with other compliance features. The app turns in-cab tablets into Electronic Logging Devices (also known as Electronic Onboard Recorders or EOBR) and fulfills recent FMCSA mandates by integrating with the engine computer.

DOT Compliance Help, Inc is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the interpretation and execution of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The company develops custom safety programs and policies for their clients, providing training, onsite consulting, and other services to specifically match a client’s needs. To help the entire transportation industry remain safe, DOT Compliance Help, Inc hosts educational events such as ELD compliance seminars, workshops, and online training webinars.

“We continually look for new and innovative solutions to help solve the industry’s changing regulatory issues,” said Greg Polk, Director of Business Development at DOT Compliance Help. “The use of Electronic Logging Devices will soon be mandated by the DOT and we are constantly being asked for advice by our clients. After conducting in-depth research and analysis, we identified Pedigree as the best solution on the market. The ease of use, flexibility, and most importantly comparatively low cost of their technology made Pedigree an obvious choice for us.”

With the passage of the MAP-21 mandate, Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs may be required as early as 2015. As the transportation industry continues to be more regulated, this partnership will aid companies struggling to manage compliance. “Helping businesses stay ahead of these mandates by implementing an ELD solution will give them a competitive edge when it comes to safety and regulatory compliance,” said Polk.

Pedigree Technologies is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota and operates satellite locations in Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Dickinson, ND; Houston, TX; New Orleans, LA; San Francisco, CA; and Sioux Falls, SD.

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies is a provider of web- and tablet-based applications that give organizations real-time visibility into operations and empower them to locate, track, monitor, and diagnose stationary and mobile assets. Pedigree’s solutions provide an operations command center that increases efficiencies, improves workflow, manages inventories and logistics, and maintains equipment – all in one simple system. For more information, visit

About DOT Compliance Help, Inc.

DOT Compliance Help, Inc assists companies to establish proper safety management controls in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Their ultimate goal is to encourage safer public roadways and increase profits for clients by helping implement and maintain safe transportation operations. DOT Compliance Help provides a wide variety of services to the transportation industry including compliance seminars, workshops, webinars, and onsite consulting across the country. For more information, visit or