Pedigree Technologies Announces the Launch of Freight-Mate™

Announcing a Smart Load Board Solution

We’re proud to announce the latest time and cost-saving OneView solution, Freight-Mate. Simply put, it’s a digital load board, but smarter. It learns the loads that you like and then matches them to your company so you can book freight more quickly.

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Pedigree Technologies Announces the Launch of Freight-Mate™

U.S. and Canadian carriers using Pedigree Technologies will gain access to thousands of load opportunities from top brokerages.


FARGO, N.D. / PR Newswire / SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 — Pedigree Technologies, a North -Dakota-based software company providing fleet services and transportation technology, is excited to announce its launch of a new smart load board called Freight-Mate to its wide network of carriers. Freight-Mate™ is the first-ever smart load board that is ELD-certified in both the United States and Canada.

For Pedigree Technologies and its carriers, this launch provides direct access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality load opportunities from some of North America’s largest brokerages, uploaded daily to Freight-Mate.

Freight-Mate helps carriers by taking the uncertainty out of finding their next load opportunity. The entire system is built to ensure carriers can quickly find and book high-quality loads, making it easy to improve profitability with back-haul loads that custom-fit to their business model using AI technology.

“The FleetOps integration further expands the power of OneView for our customers,” said Josh DeCock, Vice President of Product Management at Pedigree Technologies. “With real-time data and powerful AI, Freight-Mate learns your preferred lanes, rates, and types of freight you like to haul, then notifies you when a matching load becomes available.”

“Now that Pedigree Technologies is ELD certified in both Canada and the U.S., we believe Freight-Mate will be particularly useful to those border-crossing carriers looking to keep their trucks full,.” said John Elsner, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Pedigree Technologies.

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