Pedigree Technologies Announces Updated Fleet Communication System: Notices and Conversations

Pedigree Technologies is updating our messaging system with two new features, Notices and Conversations, to help simplify driver communication.


The new Conversations feature is very similar to chat or text messaging, and is great for one-on-one conversations with drivers or discussions within a small group. Conversations creates a general two-way communication within the OneView system.

OneView Conversations Screenshot - July 2021


Notices is a powerful fleet communication tool that allows managers to send out special “notice” messages to any group(s) or user(s). OneView’s Notices are great for pushing info to users and/or gathering info from them – including tracking and requiring responses in a single, easy-to-use interface!

OneView Notices Screenshot - July 2021
  1. Use Notices to send announcements or documents that require a response or signature:

    • Policies & policy changes
    • HR announcements
    • Safety training documents
    • Keep viewer records:
      • Record when/if drivers or other employees have viewed specific documents or announcements.
  2. Use Notices to send a message or file to all drivers or send to multiple groups of users:

    • Safety meeting announcement
    • Any other message or document that you want drivers/employees to read (but not strike up a conversation over), including:
      • Road closures and detours, or severe weather approaching the area
    • Deadline reminders for timecard submission(s), etc.
  3. Use Notices to survey groups of employees, while keeping their answers somewhat private, as only the Notices management users will see their responses.
  4. Use Notices to announce fun things:

    • Company picnics or events
    • New hires
    • Winners of contests or goal achievements
    • Announce plans without requiring responses

Current customers will see the new messaging system roll out in the next few weeks. If your fleet needs better one-way or two-way communication, request a demo to learn more about Notices and Conversations.