Polygon Landmarks/Geofences are Now Available in OneView

Pedigree Technologies is excited to announce the release of polygon landmarks/geo-fences. If you are not familiar with landmarks/geofences, they are virtual perimeters around a specific location. The locations you landmark/ geo-fence could be customer sites, secure areas, or any location you would like to have identified on a report or by an alarm. Previously, OneView supported radius landmarks only that you could fit to the size needed around the specific location. Some customers found radius landmarks to cover more area than they wanted. With this release of polygon landmarks/geofences, you are able to create your own virtual perimeter around the location. All you need to do is click to draw the desired perimeter.

Adding a Landmark/Geofence:

  1. Click on the Flagpole in the upper left corner of OneView.


  1. Click on the drop-down arrow and then select Create Landmark.
  2. Follow the steps below for setting up the landmark. Once you have all the fields filled in you can switch the map to hybrid in the upper right corner and verify the location is correct.





Name: Name of the landmark

Type: Type of landmark – can be used to change the landmark icon set

Folder: Select the folder to store the new landmark in or create a new folder for the landmark

Address: Address of the landmark (Note: Address does not need to be filled in. You can leave this blank and use Latitude and Longitude below the map.)

Radius/Polygon drop-down:

  • Radius- a basic circle geofence with the size defined by the distance entered
  • Polygon- allows user to click and draw the perimeter around the location

Description: Landmark description (Note: This is a required field)

Latitude and Longitude: Moving the pin on the map will adjust the latitude and longitude values or they may be adjusted manually

Editing an Existing Landmark/Geofence:

If you have landmarks already setup with a radius these can now be edited to a polygon if needed. Follow the steps below to update your landmarks.

  1. Click on the Flagpole in the upper left corner of OneView.


2.In the search box type in the landmark name and press Enter. The landmark folder will expand to display the landmark you search for.


  1. Then right click on the landmark and choose Edit.


  1. The Edit Landmark box will display and allow you to edit this landmark.