Speed, Savings, Flexibility: Unlock Pedigree and Tranztec Partnership Benefits

A new partnership between Pedigree Technologies and Tranztec allows motor carriers to deploy integrated fleet management systems with greater speed and automation at a lower cost.

Pedigree’s OneView fleet management platform integrates quickly and cost-effectively with leading transportation management systems (TMS) using Tranztec’s cloud-based middleware solution.

This article explores this partnership’s immediate and future benefits, such as enabling your truck and trailer telematics data to move faster and cleaner between equipment assets, drivers, and office systems.

Getting to Know Tranztec

Tranztec Solutions is a Perrysburg, Ohio-based transportation and logistics software provider. Its cloud-based integration platform seamlessly connects TMS solutions with a wide range of fleet management technologies, from ELDs to fuel and fleet payment systems.

The Tranztec platform has over 150 pre-built connectors that map and normalize data exchanges between ELD telematics systems like Pedigree’s OneView and TMS systems from McLeod and Trimble. Technology companies that leverage Tranztec’s middleware platform can quickly and affordably deliver integrated solutions to fleets that solve complex industry challenges.

Be the First in Line

When evaluating new technology, fleets often ask, “Will this solution integrate with my TMS?” If the integration is unavailable today, fleets are left with two bad choices: 1) Limited options, or 2) Waiting for a TMS provider to deliver an integration.

Tranztec’s middleware solution puts you immediately at the front of the line. The pre-built integrations allow you to capitalize on cutting-edge technology quickly and affordably.

The platform gets real-time asset locations, driver hours, and other important details from Pedigree’s OneView platform flowing directly into your TMS. Likewise, data from your TMS, such as dispatch assignments and messages, flow bi-directionally to OneView’s mobile driver application.

Pedigree’s integrated ELD and telematics solution allows users on the frontlines and in the C-suite to work from their native TMS to maximize efficiency and make better decisions, avoiding the time-wasting exercise of toggling between screens.

Access the Ecosystem

Besides enjoying cost and speed advantages, fleets benefit from the Tranztec partnership by accessing an integrated solution ecosystem to support their evolving needs. Fleets can add more capabilities quickly and affordably to their TMS, such as tools from Pedigree Technologies, like Dash Cameras, to increase operational visibility and real-time alerting.

When fleets do not use a middleware solution, the integrations between their TMS and fleet management systems are proprietary connections. The integrations cannot be re-used if you decide to switch your TMS platform or change your ELD or trailer tracking system, for example. With the Tranztec platform, all your connections are portable, giving you full control over your data and technology.

By leveraging Tranztec’s integration platform, Pedigree offers faster, more seamless deployment of smart truck and trailer technology solutions to increase your operational speed and flexibility, keeping you ahead in this fast-paced industry. The partnership also streamlines your access to other integrated fleet management solutions.

Let’s talk if you have further questions about this partnership’s cost and time-saving advantages.

Data Management and Analytics with Self-Service Forms and Dynamic Reports

Pedigree Technologies announces the launch of its integrated custom forms & reporting features within the OneView ™ platform, Self-service Forms and Dynamic Reports. The build your own forms and custom reports solution modernizes and personalizes the forms and data collection process, revolutionizing the way companies manage and analyze data.

The self-service forms section offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of form templates, and customizable options to collect the data the customer needs. Digitalizing companies’ existing forms, such as employee timecards, vacation requests, bill of lading forms, and expense reports, eliminates manual data entry and reduces data inconsistencies, saving time and money.

OneView takes customizing forms a step further by offering dynamic reports, allowing companies to quickly analyze data collected into digestible formats. The innovative advancements go beyond typical reporting tools with the ability to simply combine data across multiple forms into a single, streamlined document, making it easier than ever to generate comprehensive reports. With the data collected from custom forms, businesses are equipped to make decisions about operations more quickly and effectively.

Self-Service Form Features

Standalone Templates

As a convenient starting point, customers can pick from a sample selection of pre-made templates, ranging from bill of lading forms to fuel purchase forms, order forms, expense forms, equipment rental agreements, and more.

Modify Existing Forms

Users can easily customize the pre-made templates to align with their requirements. With a few clicks, users can add or remove fields, ensuring the forms perfectly suit their data collection needs.

Start From Scratch

Users have the option to build forms from scratch. The drag-and-drop interface makes it effortless to arrange the layout and add various form controls, such as text fields, radio buttons, drop-down menus, signature capture, and more.

Permission Options

The built-in security measures allow users to assign permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access or submit data. Specific permissions can be granted to groups, enabling them full access to fill out their custom forms.

Dynamic Report Features

Dynamic Reports

The new reporting capabilities empower users to choose the data fields on the fly that they want to see in their reports. Multiple forms can be combined into one report to provide a full view of operations.

Automated Scheduling

The OneView platform allows users to set up automated scheduling for their reports via email and FTP/SFTP. This feature ensures the delivery of data files to third party systems for quick and easy integration.

Permission Options

The platform enables seamless viewing, printing, saving, and emailing of reports, facilitating effortless collaboration and distribution among team members.

Pedigree Technologies’ innovative solutions allow companies to harness the power of data management and analytics. The launch of Self-Service Forms and Dynamic Reports represents a pivotal step in streamlining data operations, driving efficiency, and making better-informed decisions across diverse industries.

To learn more about the form & reporting features available on OneView or to request a demo, please visit pedigreetechnologies.com. For more information about this release or Pedigree Technologies, please contact Jessica Slyter at Jessica.Slyter@pedigreetechnologies.com.

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies is a tough, innovative, Midwest telematics company with a passion for smart technologies allowing customers to manage vehicles, equipment, and workers from anywhere. Our software, OneView™, provides real-time tracking and sophisticated data analytics to help businesses optimize their operations and make better, informed decisions. The power of Pedigree is to connect the unconnected, all on one screen.


Efficient Fleet Management with Cost-Effective Smart Trailer Solutions

Get the most out of your trailer tracking solution

Empowering Fleet Managers with Simplified Installation and Advanced Insights for Optimal Trailer Tracking

Smart trailer solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years, as fleet operators look for ways to improve efficiency, safety, and compliance in their transportation operations. However, some fleet managers may hesitate to invest in these solutions, citing concerns about the cost and complexity of implementing them. Pedigree Technologies has implemented smart trailer applications that are easy to install and provide all the benefits of using technology to manage trailers and fleets without the expensive price tag.

First, it is important to understand what a smart trailer solution is, how it works, and the benefits. These solutions typically include a variety of sensors, communication technologies, and computing systems that collect and analyze data about the trailer and the cargo it carries.

The value of this data lies in the insights it can provide to fleet managers and logistics companies. By analyzing this data, operators can identify opportunities to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve the safety and security of their transportation operations.

However, the cost and complexity of implementing a traditional trailer tracking solution can be a barrier to adoption for some companies. Depending on the specific solution, it may require significant investment in hardware, software, and other infrastructure. It may also require significant time and effort to install and integrate with existing systems.

Pedigree Technologies’ solution is Bluetooth sensors along with low-cost, solar GPS gateways, which significantly improves the costs and minimizes the installation complexity in smart trailer applications. Trailers equipped with these smart trailer solutions transmit data to the cloud, which is then relayed to the OneView platform. This cutting-edge technology empowers fleet managers to track not only the location of their trailers but sensors placed both within and around the trailer providing a constant flow of other vital fleet information, helping them make better, more-informed business decisions.

Solutions That Make Up a Smart Trailer

How can a SmartTruck solution help your company operate at a more efficient level?

Accurate location of trailers is collected through asset trackers, whether in motion on the road or stationary in a yard or job site. Geofencing locations can be set up to send alerts if trailers leave or enter a certain area providing insight into asset utilization and preventing thefts.

These sensors play a pivotal role in monitoring the well-being of sensitive cargo within the trailer. Any deviations from the predefined range are recorded and presented to fleet managers.

Notifications are sent to drivers and fleet managers when a trailer door is opened, enhancing cargo security and protection against theft. Detailed information, including the duration of door openings, is available to fleet managers.

This feature is crucial for fleet management. By monitoring tire air pressure, extends tire lifespan, prevents blowouts, and reduces fuel expenses. Through Bluetooth sensors, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) automatically alerts both drivers and fleet managers if the pressure falls below the preset threshold.

This advanced Bluetooth technology promptly notifies the driver and fleet manager about potential wheel overheating, which could lead to fires, cargo and trailer damage, and risk to lives. This early warning allows drivers to pull over and prevent incidents.

Pedigree Technologies’ Bluetooth sensors and solar gateways have upped the game for smart trailers by significantly improving costs and minimizing installation complexity in trailer-tracking applications. While traditional methods of smart trailer tracking can be costly and hard to install, don’t let that alone keep you from exploring a more agile and cost-effective approach.

Interested in learning more? Contact Pedigree Technologies to discuss your needs and we’ll determine if our truly “smart” trailer tracking solution is right for you.

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