Reduce Tire Costs With a Tire Management System

Reduce Tire Costs

Fleets Who Focus on Tire Management Can Increase Savings and Improve Overall Performance

This year it’s anticipated that fleets will continue to face rising prices and extreme revenue pressures. As a way to combat these pressures, proper tire management is one area that can reduce operational costs.

Tires should be viewed as assets, and be managed properly from selection to disposal to maximize their value versus a material simply being bought and used. Fleets should establish a tire management system to track the true cost of each tire and ensure that they get the most value out of their investment.

A tire management system should begin with tire selection, considering the vehicle’s specific needs, routes, and the climate. Selecting a tire specific to the application will enhance efficiency and profitability. Tire dealers can be a great resource for fleets to ensure that they are getting the best for their dollar.

Another important way to improve your investment is by using tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) which, thanks to the introduction of Bluetooth technology, have become more accessible and affordable to incorporate. With this new TPMS technology, gone are the days of complex and time-consuming installations.  Now sensors can simply be screwed on to the stem valves and can connect to the cloud via an ELD or other tracking device.

Inflation pressure is always the most important factor of tire maintenance relative to tire costs. Correct inflation will help to maximize the ability to retread a tire while minimizing wear and the tire’s contribution to fuel economy rolling resistance. According to the FMCSA, only 46% of heavy commercial vehicle tires are inflated within five psi of target pressure and only 38% of trailer tires.*

A TPMS will eliminate the 10–20-minute manual tire pressure check, reduce wear and tear, and help prevent tire blowouts and other tire-related accidents. By constantly monitoring tire pressure and alerting drivers to any issues, it also reduces the costs associated with tire damage and downtime.

Tire expenses will always be a way of life for fleet managers. Therefore, it only makes sense to establish procedures designed to control them. A good tire maintenance program, incorporating management strategies and TPMS technology, will enhance tire efficiency and profitability. Fleets can increase savings and improve overall performance by focusing on tire management.

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*(FMCSA – 2002 study, cited by NACFE 2020)

Pedigree Technologies and Traxen Team Up to Provide 10% Fuel Savings

FARGO, N.D.Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pedigree Technologies, a leading provider of telematics and IoT solutions offering real-time visibility and management tools, has integrated Traxen’s iQ-Pilot™ into its suite of Cab-Mate ELD (Electronic Logging Device) solutions for Canada and the U.S. 

Traxen’s iQ-Pilot™ is an intelligent, AI-driven cruise control technology that reduces highway fuel consumption by an average of 10% for Class 7 and 8 trucks. 

The innovative iQ-Pilot™ system utilizes perception sensors such as radars, high-definition maps, GPS, over- the-air data and artificial intelligence to automatically control the speed of an on-highway heavy-duty truck. The AI software optimizes the truck velocity in response to traffic, grades, curves, speed limit changes, weather conditions, and other factors to significantly reduce fuel consumption or increase EV range. The solution also improves vehicle safety, driver convenience and insurance costs. 

iQ-Pilot™ also interfaces with the Pedigree’s Cab-Mate ELD tablet to provide a world class, informative and intuitive user interface to the drivers. Much like the smart screens being offered in consumer vehicles, the IQ Pilot application helps drivers better understand the traffic, weather, and road conditions that guide the truck’s speed. Without this display, drivers are less likely to trust AI-based decisions and tend not to use cruise control.

Other integrated display features include single logon, hours of service reports, gamification to drive fuel efficiency, trip computer, data analytics, fleet dashboards, efficiency reports, trucks eco-routing, over the air (OTA) updates and vehicle gateway interface. IQ-Pilot can be installed on any truck with automated manual transmission.

“iQ-Pilot is a Connected-Adaptive-Predictive Powertrain Control system on steroids.” says Ali Maleki, founder and CEO of Traxen. “It not only manages acceleration, coasting, engine braking, and gear optimization, but uses GPS location to consider speed limits, gradients, and real-time data like road conditions, traffic, weather and drivers’ Hours of Service.”

John Elsner, Pedigree Technologies’ CEO, adds, “Integrating advanced technology like Traxen’s iQ-Pilot into our Cab-Mate ELD platform is a further demonstration of our mission to seek out and add new, more effective technologies to serve our heartland customers.”

About Traxen Inc.

Traxen Inc. is a software AI technology company founded in 2018, located in Michigan. Traxen specializes in designing advanced driver-assistance systems for the commercial truck segment with a focus on maximizing fuel efficiency savings for fleet managers & owners. media questions

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