Efficient Fleet Management with Cost-Effective Smart Trailer Solutions

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Empowering Fleet Managers with Simplified Installation and Advanced Insights for Optimal Trailer Tracking

Smart trailer solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years, as fleet operators look for ways to improve efficiency, safety, and compliance in their transportation operations. However, some fleet managers may hesitate to invest in these solutions, citing concerns about the cost and complexity of implementing them. Pedigree Technologies has implemented smart trailer applications that are easy to install and provide all the benefits of using technology to manage trailers and fleets without the expensive price tag.

First, it is important to understand what a smart trailer solution is, how it works, and the benefits. These solutions typically include a variety of sensors, communication technologies, and computing systems that collect and analyze data about the trailer and the cargo it carries.

The value of this data lies in the insights it can provide to fleet managers and logistics companies. By analyzing this data, operators can identify opportunities to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve the safety and security of their transportation operations.

However, the cost and complexity of implementing a traditional trailer tracking solution can be a barrier to adoption for some companies. Depending on the specific solution, it may require significant investment in hardware, software, and other infrastructure. It may also require significant time and effort to install and integrate with existing systems.

Pedigree Technologies’ solution is Bluetooth sensors along with low-cost, solar GPS gateways, which significantly improves the costs and minimizes the installation complexity in smart trailer applications. Trailers equipped with these smart trailer solutions transmit data to the cloud, which is then relayed to the OneView platform. This cutting-edge technology empowers fleet managers to track not only the location of their trailers but sensors placed both within and around the trailer providing a constant flow of other vital fleet information, helping them make better, more-informed business decisions.

Solutions That Make Up a Smart Trailer

How can a SmartTruck solution help your company operate at a more efficient level?

Accurate location of trailers is collected through asset trackers, whether in motion on the road or stationary in a yard or job site. Geofencing locations can be set up to send alerts if trailers leave or enter a certain area providing insight into asset utilization and preventing thefts.

These sensors play a pivotal role in monitoring the well-being of sensitive cargo within the trailer. Any deviations from the predefined range are recorded and presented to fleet managers.

Notifications are sent to drivers and fleet managers when a trailer door is opened, enhancing cargo security and protection against theft. Detailed information, including the duration of door openings, is available to fleet managers.

This feature is crucial for fleet management. By monitoring tire air pressure, extends tire lifespan, prevents blowouts, and reduces fuel expenses. Through Bluetooth sensors, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) automatically alerts both drivers and fleet managers if the pressure falls below the preset threshold.

This advanced Bluetooth technology promptly notifies the driver and fleet manager about potential wheel overheating, which could lead to fires, cargo and trailer damage, and risk to lives. This early warning allows drivers to pull over and prevent incidents.

Pedigree Technologies’ Bluetooth sensors and solar gateways have upped the game for smart trailers by significantly improving costs and minimizing installation complexity in trailer-tracking applications. While traditional methods of smart trailer tracking can be costly and hard to install, don’t let that alone keep you from exploring a more agile and cost-effective approach.

Interested in learning more? Contact Pedigree Technologies to discuss your needs and we’ll determine if our truly “smart” trailer tracking solution is right for you.

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