The Groups Feature is Now Available in OneView

The “Groups” feature in OneView is now available to send reports, notifications and messages to multiple users or roles at one time.

Setting up Groups:

1. Select the Admin tab at the top of OneView and then click on the Groups Tab.


2. All the groups will display and select the Create New Group.


3. This will allow users to name the group and click on create.


4. Find the group that was just created click on the name and then Add Users.


Note: If a user needs to be deleted click on the “X” after their name.


Using Groups:

Once the desired groups are setup, go to Jobs, Maintenance, and Alarms to setup notifications.  In addition, users can send Messages and Report delivery schedules to groups.

Alarms, Jobs and Maintenance:






Please note that setting up Groups is only available to OneView Admin users. If you do not have admin rights and would like them please contact me, your account manager. I would be happy to discuss this with you.  Users given this access are required to attend an Admin training session. All these sessions are available to register for within OneView in the upper right corner by clicking on Help. Then find the Admin session that works in your schedule and register for it.