Using Electronic Field Tickets and Dispatching Software

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Companies around the country are throwing out paperwork and making the switch to electronic field tickets. Not only is it an effort to join the latest trend of “going green,” but digital field ticketing software (or similar field ticket software) also just makes their jobs easier. By implementing electronic field tickets, businesses are freeing themselves from the hassles that come with the process of completing, filing, and organizing paperwork. Everything you need is all in one place on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, helping your business run smoothly (and accurately).

Bill Customers Faster with Electronic Field Tickets

Electronic field tickets are producing a measurable return on investment, especially if you’re in the oil and gas industry. The time frame between deliveries and invoices is substantially decreased with the ability to pull up tickets on a tablet or smartphone. The electronic forms have all the information remote workers need to complete a delivery or pick-up and record information such as the shipment number, date/time, location, product information, etc.

Once digital field ticketing is complete, workers have the ability to electronically capture a customer’s signature directly on the device and instantly print off a receipt for them. All this job information is instantaneously shared with the home office, allowing invoices to be sent off immediately, long before workers even return. Additionally, with increased accuracy, companies will save time on not having to go back and make tons of corrections or having to verify the handwriting.  In an industry where time is money, speeding up that turn around process can improve your business by leaps and bounds and drive revenue.

Reduce Manual Paperwork

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Keeping track of job tickets, directions and work orders can make your job more difficult and all that paperwork can be easily lost or forgotten. Manually completing all of the documents can take up valuable time and increase the chance of errors. When inaccuracies occur it can throw off billing, inventory levels, and overall records for both companies.

When companies make the switch to electronic reporting tools and digital field ticketing solutions, they can provide workers with all the necessary documents they need to get the job done right. Remote workers and drivers can also benefit greatly from these tools because it saves them not only time, but reduces the amount of manual paperwork they need to complete while ensuring accuracy. By managing all of this paperwork in a centralized dispatching web-based system, companies can improve their record keeping and streamline daily processes.

Improve Routing and Centralized Dispatching Efficiency

On top of our electronic field tickets, the OneView platform allows you to utilize dispatch software as well. Having all this information at your fingertips can help improve customer service, reduce unnecessary fuel costs, and strengthen communication. When a service call comes in, use accurate and intuitive GPS tracking to determine who’s closest to the customer in near real-time versus spending time to call workers one-by-one for their locations. Plus, when paired conveniently with an electronic field ticket software solution or our Digital Library, OneView  and its full range of fleet solutions make life easier for you and your drivers.

From there, provide workers with the most efficient route possible, eliminating unnecessary miles and additional fuel costs. This feature also allows the office to provide customers with an up-to-date estimate of arrival times. This innovation can keep your remote workers connected to the office at all times, allowing safe two-way messaging and the ability to update stops and prioritize jobs in real-time.

Leveraging the latest technology to stay connected with your remote workers can improve your day to day business. To see how your company could bolster collaboration and communication, check out a live web demo of our in-cab solutions today!