Vehicle/Driver Link in OneView

A link between vehicles and the driver has has been added to OneView. This link will make it easier to see who is driving a specific truck and will generate scorecard stats for each driver (in addition to previous option for each truck).

Vehicle/Driver Link:

Users can see this link under the vehicle and/or driver.  The vehicle will show the driver it is linked with and the driver will show the vehicle it is linked with.


FleetPOV (Electronic logbooks) will automatically link drivers to trucks, but if your company is not using electronic logs and would like to manually link a vehicle and driver you can follow the steps below:

Select the Vehicle or driver from the asset tree on the left side of OneView.


The vehicle will display in the center of OneView allowing the user to edit the driver. Click on the little pencil after “Driver:” text.


The “Change Linked Driver” pop-up will appear on the screen.  Users can click on the “New Driver:” drop-down and select the driver for that vehicle. Under the “Since:” field the time of the change should be entered (this can only go back to last time a driver to vehicle link was changed).

Note: This is only going forward, nothing prior to the first driver/vehicle link can be set.


Once the link is established it will show on the Vehicle and Driver until it is changed through electronic logs or manually changed (as described above).

Note: These same steps can be followed under the driver to link the vehicle.

Reports for Vehicle/Driver Link:

Once the link between the vehicle and driver has been established the Vehicle/Driver Performance report can be pulled on either the vehicle or the driver. This allows users to get more insight into the drivers and how they are using the vehicles.