Why Companies Choose OneView for ELDs

ELD Tablet

We’re aware that Pedigree Technologies is not the only player in the ELD game. Even so, we truly believe that we have the most intuitive and powerful ELD solution on the market.

When we’re at a trade show or talking with a potential customer, one of the most common questions we get is “What makes OneView ELD Chrome solutions better than everybody else’s?” It’s a great question and one that we never get tired of answering…

Here are just a few of the reasons why companies choose ELDs on the OneView platform:

Time-Tested Experience

Pedigree Technologies is well established in the market, with around 5 years of providing a high-quality ELD solution. If you look closely, there are very few of our competitors who have been doing this for 3 or more years.


Most other ELD providers are a 1-trick pony. That means you’ll have a log-in to manage your fleet and a separate login for your trailers. If something goes wrong, you call your fleet vendor and they point the finger at the trailer vendor. You reach out to the trailer vendor and they point you right back to the fleet vendor. You’ve gotten nowhere fast.

With OneView, you can manage multiple asset categories on the same platform.

Also, many companies that will be required to move to ELD are outside of the transportation industry. For instance, many Oil and Gas and Construction companies operate CDL vehicles (which are impacted by the new mandate) but they also have many other assets, including: Pickups, Trailers, Generators, Light Towers, Backhoes, Excavators, etc. OneView can manage all of these assets and ELDs on the same platform.


Other Capabilities Include

Trailer Management (asset tracking), Pedigree Technologies’ Fleet Management, ELDs (e-logs), Tank Monitoring (fixed and mobile), Maintenance Management (diagnostics, etc.), Dispatching, Work Order Management, and more.

OneView supports a wide range of Transportation applications, including: DVIR, Maintenance, Dispatching, and IFTA reporting. Additional options include temp and tire pressure monitoring, onboard liquid inventory monitoring, an array of sensor-specific options, and much more!

Award-Winning ELD Solution


Pedigree offers an award-winning ELD interface, which is easy to use and easy to adopt—clear and simple. Drivers are sometimes hesitant to use an ELD application, but once they start using our award-winning application for HOS, they won’t go back to paper. We hear it all the time!

We use best-of-breed hardware that is second to none in the marketplace. With non-propitiatory devices, our customers save money and reduce their out- of- pocket expenses to reach full compliance.

Award-Winning Customer Focus

At Pedigree Technologies, we are laser-focused on providing the greatest customer experience possible. And our hard work is paying off: recently we received the Customer Value Leadership award from Frost and Sullivan.


Pedigree Technologies’ trainers work with every customer and deliver weekly training sessions on the OneView solution and applications. We also offer tailored training, as we want our customers to fully understand and utilize the solutions we offer so they receive the maximum benefit of OneView.


Our support staff is best in class. Our team is here to help and we answer our phones!  We don’t “off-shore” our support services—our customers are too important to us!

Account Management

Customers who are using ELD for the first time have questions and appreciate knowing they have a person whose responsibility it is to help them along the way in adopting the solution. With your dedicated account manager, you won’t be passed around the office like an old bagel that nobody wants. You’ll speak with a person who knows your name, knows your business, and is invested in your success.