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At Pedigree Technologies, we’re connecting the physical world to today’s ever-changing business world. In doing so, we’re involved in developing the next generation of technology. With a headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota and employees located throughout the United States, there’s lots going on here and we’re always looking for great people. After all, we believe that the best products are created by the best and the brightest people.

Competitive salaries, excellent benefits, great work environment, fantastic people – we have all that and more at Pedigree Technologies.

Career Openings

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Pedigree Technologies is compliant with all Equal Opportunity laws and regulations.

Who We Want

Team Players
People who have no problem working on their own, but who also recognize the value of building partnerships with coworkers. Camaraderie and strong relationships are a big part of how we accomplish our tasks and how we reach our goals.

In2 Solutions
You see a solution where others did not even see a problem. You approach challenges with creativity and imagination, and your persistence helps you find alternative ways to proceed.

Hard Workers
Your strong work ethic helps you complete tasks, and the intensity and diligence you bring to your projects ensure excellence.

Passionate Innovators
Writing code isn’t just a job; it’s part of who you are as a person. You are proud of what you build and the far-reaching influence you can have on others.

You enjoy uncovering new advancements in technology and analytics while developing in the latest technology stack.

Making a Difference
Your contributions will change the world.


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