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OneView’s seamless McLeod integration streamlines communication with drivers, displays drivers’ HOS status within LoadMaster, automates arrival and departure events, and provides instant access to critical dispatch data.

Our unique trailer tracking integration also enables LoadMaster to display current trailer positions, allowing for better load planning and asset utilization. OneView data provides LoadMaster users with centralized visibility to dispatch progress updates, drivers’ hours, and critical data needed to determine if loads are running on schedule.

Features & Benefits


  • Easy access to inbound messages
  • Automated delivery of dispatch data to driver tablets
  • Drivers’ HOS data visible within LoadMaster
  • Driver can access dispatch data and full communications from their tablets
  • Tractor and Trailer Position reports are visible throughout the LoadMaster Symphony and Dispatch modules
  • Text-based messages allow for easy communication with your drivers
  • Inbound forms messages are pre-populated with weight, BOL, pieces, & other data
  • Geofence data provided to OneView for automated arrival and departure reporting
Fleet Management Software


  • Improves and expedites dispatcher and driver communications with both text and forms-based messaging
  • Automated dispatch assignments, directions, and data needed for utilization of on-board turn-by-turn navigation
  • Allows dispatchers to manage loads with timely and accurate visibility throughout the dispatch cycle to tractor GPS updates
  • Provides actual route GPS history, an excellent tool for driver coaching in regard to ETA/OOR occurrences and HOS management
  • Improves efficiencies in customer service and increases revenue through the use of centralized data access for the status of all in-progress loads
  • Improved driver-to-load feasibility and assignment with centralized
    visibility to drivers’ hours of service data
  • Provides visibility to actual trailer locations, which can help improve asset utilization by knowing which trailers are on the lot and how long they have been there
Asset tracker

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