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If you’re looking for a certified compliance solution with dependable technical support and practical device options that fit your specific needs, all while still meeting Canadian elog mandate and FMCSA regulations, then look no further! When it comes to compliance and the flexibility to expand to other cost-saving fleet IoT solutions, there’s no better platform than OneView’s adaptable and user-friendly e-log compliance solution.

We’ve been in the electronic logging business (formerly AOBRDs) for over a decade and have developed the most compliant, intuitive, and reliable solution on the market. Built on the award-winning OneView platform, there are multiple options to fit the needs of any fleet.


Cab-Mate ELDs are the most intuitive and reliable solutions available.

Full compliance made simple.


An electronic logging solution should consistently meet regulations, but not all solutions are built the same and not all solutions follow all electronic logging requirements. However, a good or exceptional electronic logging solution should also make your daily tasks easier and streamline operations by minimizing logins, integrating with existing systems, and providing dependability and the flexibility to expand in the long-term. That’s what OneView does every day for our customers — reliably.

So why fuss with oblivious call centers that are only available 3 hours a day or settle for “yet another” time-wasting, clunky system and login? Think beyond compliance.

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The Most Flexible
• Fully Compliant with FMCSA & Canadian Certified
• BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) — Android Compatible
• Bluetooth Connection
• Additional Data Plan Required for Device
• Leverage Access to Apps & Devices in the Android Market
• Business Productivity Application Support Available
• Vehicle Inspections, Dispatching, & More
The Extra Tough
• Fully Compliant with FMCSA & Canadian Certified
• Ruggedized, Tough-as-Nails Tablet
• Wired Connection with Bluetooth Backup
• No Additional Data Plan Required for Device
• Optional Barcode Reader and/or Built-In Modem
• Ability to Choose which Apps on Tablet
• Expands with Operation-Streamlining OneView Solutions
The Most Modular
• Fully Compliant with FMCSA & Canadian Certified
• Long-Lasting, Ruggedized Tablet
• Dependable Wired Connection with Bluetooth Backup
• Tablet Options: Google Play Services & LTE Modem
• Easy Upgrade from Existing Cab-Mate Solutions
• Plug-n-Play with a Single Diagnostics Cable
• Expandable I/O for Additional Solutions (PTO, APU, Temperature, and More!)

Features & Benefits

Complete Visibility

Pedigree’s ELD solutions electronically record critical data such as driving hours, vehicle inspection reports, fuel receipts, and state mileage. The devices can also be used for other applications, such as centralized dispatching or electronic work orders.

Utilizing Cab-Mate as your ELD solution to generate electronic logbooks ensures compliance with third-party certification for Canadian ELDs and exceeds Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations while streamlining reporting and improving accuracy.

Solution Features
  • Electronic Driver Logs (FMCSA & Canadian-Certified)
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)
  • Automated Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)
  • Generate Fuel Purchase Forms
  • Document Image Capture
  • Two-Way Messaging
Cab-Mate Open
Cab-Mate Open

Cab-Mate Open provides a flexible, easy way for your company to achieve reliable FMCSA compliance. This BYOD option allows open access to which apps are available to drivers. Our team will help you ensure that your fleet is completely compliant with all e-logging regulations. As with all our electronic logging compliance products, Cab-Mate Open comes from a company with over 7 years of experience providing quality HOS solutions to the transportation industry. Learn More…

Cab-Mate Elite

The Cab-Mate Elite is a a reliable and durable solution for companies seeking full FMCSA compliance. A driver-friendly electronic logging solution that’s seamless with OneView for full operational visibility, this tablet is user-friendly and gives fleet managers the ability to monitor their fleets in near real-time. Learn More…

Elite with Gamber-Johnson cradle
Cab-Mate Elite with Havis cradle
Cab-Mate Flex

The Cab-Mate Flex is a a reliable ELD solution for companies seeking full FMCSA compliance. A driver-friendly electronic logging solution that’s seamless with OneView for full operational visibility. Learn More…

Why Choose a Logging Compliance Solution with OneView?

Ease of Use

Our system is the most intuitive electronic logging solution on the market. The platform is carefully designed for ease of use and to maintain continuity with paper-based processes.

Compliance & Beyond…

Go beyond maintaining regulatory compliance with trailer tracking, fleet management, dispatching, electronic work orders, tire pressure monitoring, maintenance management, and more – all on one intuitive platform.

Open, Expandable Platform

The OneView platform is customizable and built for growth with expandable solutions for People (enterprise), Safety (compliance), and Performance (service/supply chain). Expanding and integrations are easy with OneView APIs.

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