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Technology to Meet Any Food & Beverage Fleet's Needs

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving, and that is no different for our food service business and cold-chain supply management industries. Adopting new technology to help your business monitor and manage your fleet and trailers can seem daunting. With the help from our experts, the process can be implemented smoothly and offer a variety of benefits that exceed the cost. You’ll have the ability to manage your fleet, monitor your cold-chain supply temperatures, dispatching, and maintenance — all from one single system and screen with the OneView platform.

Benefits of the OneView platform for food and beverage fleets:

  • Prevent loss of goods with asset tracking and temperature monitoring, including the ability to set up to 8 probes per trailer which gives near real-time temperature readings.
  • Proof of compliance with historical data collected from temperature probes providing proof your goods were at an accurate temperature while in your possession.
  • Respond to problems quickly with email and text alerts preventing losses and keeping your shipments on time.
  • GPS tracking of your trailers allows you to have the power to know the location and status of all your high-value assets and how long they were actually in use, improving customer billing, managing maintenance, and streamlining your processes.
  • You’ll have the ability to prevent trailer loss with geo-fencing and landmarks which can alert you when your trailers leaves a specific area.
  • Decrease your fleet maintenance costs with scheduled fleet maintenance based on usage or timing, and easily analyze maintenance trends and spot reoccurring problems with in-depth maintenance records and activities all saved on our OneView platform.

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Solutions for Food Distribution / Transportation Industry:

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