What's New in OneView

New Changes to the Logbook Tab and Driver Summary Tab in OneView

Learn about the changes you will see on when looking at the Driver summary tab and logbook records in OneView.

Offline Quick Troubleshooting Guide

This pdf will help with troubleshooting offline assets and knowing when its a quick fix you can do or when to call support.

Updates in OneView

Download the 2020 Q4 Product Update Report

Some highlights from the newly released OneView 2020 4th Quarter Product Update Report are listed below. Click Here to visit the 2020 4th Quarter Product Update Report page.


  • User Creation Username Check
  • Drivewyze Safety+
  • New Actor Class Icons
  • OV HOS recap show current days stat
  • Option of “Portal Only” alarm notifications


  • Unlink drivers from vehicles when Off Duty / Show previous linked driver/vehicle
  • HOS violations conditional on usage of sleeper berth
  • POV notes conditional hours remaining and violation depending upon sleeper berth usage
  • Permission to hide primary customer carrier so driver has only one option and doesn’t have to select a carrier
  • Unretired drivers will not count as having uncertified days during their retired timeframe


  • DVR Request with Time-lapse option
  • Camera Setup Camera Type Select
  • Dual Camera LED updated to only blink on initial boot-up


  • Ability to share location via text or email
  • Trends added to mobile
  • Expanding search button


  • Oilfield Tank w/ Location Asset Model / AP3 with tank volume monitoring
  • Tank graphic widget as asset icon
  • All tank graphics updated to new style


  • Allow digital library access from the Enforcement View
  • Update auto arrive distance to 1000ft via permission
  • Inspections on custom trailers should show the custom trailer name in OneView


  • Tank Inventory by Location
  • Updated Job Analysis Report to look at landmark events for arrive/depart times