Case Study: Proficient Auto Transport

Evolution and Migration to Pedigree Technologies' OneView

Proficient Auto Transport is one of the leading finished vehicle logistics service providers in the United States. Founded in 1993 as a one-truck auto transport company, Proficient Auto Transport now provides finished vehicle transportation and logistical services for numerous OEM’s; transporting automobiles, SUVs, crossovers, and trucks for domestic, import, and luxury vehicle manufacturers. A customer list that includes Audi, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Maserati speaks volumes about Proficient Auto Transport’s on-time execution, zero damage, and trusted reliability.

Pedigree Technologies sat down with Proficient Auto Transport’s Safety Manager, Brian Jones, with 20 years of driving experience for a conversation about Proficient’s experience upgrading and migrating their telematics and compliance system to Pedigree Technologies’ OneView platform. Brian shared the company’s adoption experience, ELD integration and compliance, driver impact, and customer service assessment.


System Upgrade to use Pedigree

It was time for an upgrade. Executive management evaluated a number of vendors and decided that the combination of Pedigree Technologies platform and commitment to customer services was the best choice. Proficient’s legacy system had been outgrown, and the benefits of ELD-enabled compliance and performance insights from more accessible fleet management and vehicle tracking capabilities were key objectives of the upgrade.

“We did a major upgrade from what we were using, so there was ‘no comparison’ between what we were using and what we’ve got with Pedigree now.” At the same time, Pedigree’s platform successfully integrated with legacy systems to enable continuity for a number of business processes. Choosing a vendor from America’s heartland who fully understood Proficient Auto Transport’s business meant they had a partner in success, not just a vendor.

Upgrade Experience

System upgrades like what Proficient Auto Transport elected to perform are often compared to the pain/benefit of a root canal – it may hurt like the dickens in the process, but all the pain goes away after it’s over. Fortunately, Proficient’s experience was tearless. No operational loss was experienced during the 1-month upgrade, and hardware integration in the vehicles required only a 10-minute swap and 30-minute training session with the drivers. Dispatchers quickly learned the system. The user interface was straightforward, so dispatchers quickly became efficient at using the system’s features to enhance their operations.


Did They Hit any “Potholes”

Pedigree’s hands-on customer care during the process avoided most of the “potholes” by its careful planning and deployment process. Proficient did experience integration issues with a third-party camera they were using, but the Pedigree program contact being available 24/7 helped overcome those integration issues.

Rather than potholes, Proficient experienced some pleasant surprises. Pedigree was able to assist by setting up initial geofences that helped manage vehicle departures and arrivals, plus putting in place toll road prohibitions that resulted in significant savings. Pedigree’s feature and software library provided several reports useful to accounting and operations. The flexibility and responsiveness of Pedigree’s customer care team continues to deliver on “can you do this?” requests, continually enhancing the system’s value to Proficient.


What Are the Key Benefits?

  • Visibility: Dispatchers can see the status of trucks and jobs way easier
  • GPS Accuracy and Real-Time: Dispatchers just know, now, with push-button ease
  • Violation Reductions: Safety seminars emphasizing the monitoring capabilities have led to far fewer violations by drivers
  • User Friendliness: The system is very user friendly
  • Customer Visibility: Key customers can be given access to see their own (and only their own) vehicle and load status
  • Value of Customer Care: Technology is nice but, over and over again, effective and responsive customer care has proven Pedigree’s exceptional value


How Have Drivers Responded?

Technology alone cannot deal with the variables of vehicle transport, and Proficient is well aware that its success is largely due to its experienced driver workforce they employ. ELDs and the information the Pedigree system provides are often seen in a negative light by drivers, with some even trying to get around the system. The good news is that the ELDs aren’t beatable, the GPS information gives insights about the load vital to company performance, and even the cameras have proven drivers have not been at fault for collisions. The benefits appear to have moved the needle from dislike to acceptance/tolerance, at least, and in some drivers’ perspectives, is even beneficial.



Proficient Auto Transport’s experience upgrading its fleet management platform to Pedigree Technologies OneView platform was very successful, gaining Pedigree a “Fully Satisfied” rating from Proficient. In an environment where the technical choices available to enterprises are many, it was the people who made the difference. Pedigree account and support staff provided 24/7 support so that problems were quickly resolved. Personnel from both companies collaborated effectively in an effort that went well beyond a buyer/vendor relationship.