General Equipment and Supplies Case Study

Saving 50 Hours Per Week with OneView

At General Equipment and Supplies, over 50 trucks and 90 technicians are on the job serving the construction, mining, and oil exploration industries.

Learn how General Equipment and Supplies uses the Pedigree Technologies’ OneView system of fleet-friendly solutions to track vehicles, dispatch mobile workers, generate electronic reports, and reduce manual paperwork.

Since implementing OneView, General Equipment and Supplies has:

  • Saved 50 hours on IFTA Reporting each week.
  • Reduced 12 unnecessary trips per month.
  • Increased customer retention by 20 percent.
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Download the case study to learn more about how OneView can help you achieve similar results.

Customer Profile

Assets Monitored
55 Trucks, 95 Technicians

Equipment Rental

Service Area
Upper Midwest and Canada

Implemented Solutions
Fleet Management
Electronic Logbooks