United Propane Case Study

Increasing Business by 25% with OneView

United Propane and Fuel Partners (UPFP) is a part of the United Prairie Cooperative, a farmer-owned co-op that began in 1929 and specializes in agricultural products, bulk fuel, and propane delivery. They ran into challenges with tracking vehicles, organizing delivery routes efficiently, and accurately predicting customer propane tank refilling needs. In order to address these challenges, UPFP began using Fleet Tracking and Tank Monitoring with OneView.

United Propane truck case study image

Since that time, they have seen:

  • Profits Increase by $300,000 in 2 Months
  • Business Increase 25% over PreviousYear
  • A Projected ROI of 200-300%

Thanks to increased efficiency and real-time data, UPFP has seen a tremendous return on investment.

Customer Profile

Assets Tracked

Downstream Oil & Gas

Energy, Retail, Services

Fleet Tracking
Tank Monitoring

New Town, ND