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Bluetooth Tracking Tags

Tracking Tags are Bluetooth sensors that can be attached to any asset to broadcast its presence and share its location through other tracking devices that are already in use. They provide real-time tracking, alerts, and maintenance tracking, which can help prevent theft, prevent loss, and ensure that assets are properly maintained.

Tracking Tags repeatedly broadcast Bluetooth signals that are detected by other OneView solutions* you may already be using and the asset location information will be sent back to OneView for complete visibility for inventory management.

*Including the OneView Mobile app, Cab-Mate tablets, and other tracking devices (more added all the time).

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Bluetooth Tracking Tags Computer Monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Track inventory, attachments, tools, parts and more
  • Reduce loss on small tools and equipment
  • Up to 656 ft. (200 m) of range (open field)
  • Compact in size
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Receive alerts when assets leave or enter the area
  • Last known location for inventory management

How Does It Work?

Bluetooth tracking tags use low-energy Bluetooth technology to communicate with a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or smart GPS tracker. The tracking tag sends out a signal, which can be detected by the Bluetooth receiver in the device. When the device detects the signal from the tracking tag, it records the location and time of the detection. This information is then used to track the movement of the object that the tracking tag is attached to.

Watch our video for an in depth look at how these tracking tags work.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag Key Features

Cost Effective

Bluetooth tags have the ability to pinpoint the location of assets at a fraction of the cost of GPS trackers. They do not require any additional infrastructure or software to function easing the burden of tracking equipment and attachments in yards or job sites.

Simple Installation

Bluetooth tags are also incredibly easy to install and use. They can be attached to assets using industrial tape, adhesive or traditional screws, and the information they collect can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or a GPS tracker with built-in Bluetooth.

Battery Life

 Bluetooth tags are much smaller than GPS trackers making them easier to attach to assets and more discreet.  And they typically have a longer battery life than GPS trackers.  For example, a Bluetooth tag as small as the diameter of a quarter can last 5 years.

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