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If you aren’t using a bypass service already, or have been waiting for a reason to switch, now’s the right time for your fleet to be powered by Drivewyze® – the leader in Connected Truck Services. As the only bypass service integrated directly into the ELDs and in-cab devices preferred by carriers, Drivewyze® PreClear saves fleets time and money.

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Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass and Drivewyze Safety Notifications. Now, it’s available on OneView, the industry’s most intuitive and reliable telematics platform and suite of solutions.

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Drivewyze® PreClear

Carriers can expect their drivers to receive bypasses at over 800 Drivewyze-supported weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

Drivewyze® Safety Notifications

Drivewyze Safety Notifications is an opt-in service for carriers using the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service, and gives drivers a ‘heads up’ on upcoming trouble areas.

Drivewyze® Safety+

Imagine how much safer each of your drivers would be if they had a Safety Manager sitting next to them on every single route.

Now they can, with the custom zones and safety insights offered by Drivewyze Safety+, Drivewyze’s new proactive in-cab alert and driver coaching platform. Drivewyze Safety+ generates data-rich safety insights that can be viewed through the Drivewyze Hub.

Drivewyze PreClear on OneView devices


  • No Transponders: Uses the GPS data and internet connectivity built into a driver’s mobile device to provide weigh station bypass.
  • Coverage Anywhere You Go: Bypass over 800 fixed and mobile weigh stations and inspection sites in the U.S. & Canada, across 47 U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
  • Hands-Free: Always-on functionality runs in the background. Simply follow the driving instruction and audible alerts.
  • Go Farther, Faster: Drivewyze PreClear keeps your trucks out of station lineups and on the mainline so you can deliver your loads on time.

North American Drivewyze Coverage Map

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How It Works

Bypass eligibility with Drivewyze PreClear is based largely on a carrier’s ISS (safety) score, along with other state designated screening criteria such as IFTA compliance, valid registration, etc. With an ISS score, the lower the score the better. Carriers with the best safety scores can receive bypasses, in some states, up to 98% of the time. For even more information on how Drivewyze PreClear saves you time, visit

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Geofences enable drivers to receive bypasses at fixed or mobile inspections, and safety notifications prior to high-risk areas, because there is no physical infrastructure required or additional costs to set them up.

2 Mile Fence

At this point, drivers will receive a visual and audio alert, reminding them to prepare for the upcoming weigh station or inspection site.

1 Mile Fence

Driver is again notified of the upcoming weigh station with a visual and audio alert. A driving instruction will follow, shortly.

Driving Instruction

Since hitting the 2 mile fence, truck data has been shared with the weigh station and, taking into account carrier safety score as well as some other factors, the driver will receive a bypass or pull-in instruction.

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Drivewyze has reinvented the underserved weigh station bypass market with better technology and twice the service coverage.

About Drivewyze

Drivewyze® Inc. is the leader in connected truck services and is on a mission to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service, Drivewyze Safety Notifications, and the Drivewyze Analytics Weigh Station Loss Reporting service. In 2017, Drivewyze was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the North American Weigh Station Bypass Company of the Year Award for its best practices and industry leadership.