Ready-Mate is a non-invasive, user-friendly way to instantly make sure that employees are fit for work. In 90 seconds or less, it can determine if an individual is ready for work. Using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, this test tells you if the driver is ready to safely start his or her shift.

Ready-Mate is simple and fun. Users must identify a variety of different shapes accurately and quickly. The patented design does not simulate any particular job function but challenges a number of key brain functions necessary for all types of work. Ready-Mate’s scoring algorithm compares each person’s daily results with a preexisting personal baseline. In other words, the driver screening software learns a user’s reaction times so results cannot be gamed or faked.

Ready-Mate is language neutral and, unlike drug tests, is non-invasive and provides instantaneous feedback so a manager can immediately respond to a potential safety issue.

What is Ready-Mate?
It is a real-time fit-for-work test that accurately identifies impairment before incidents can happen. Based on scientifically proven Bowles-Langley Technology, the system is used to filter for potential impairment in workers and support managerial intervention when necessary.

Why is alertness important?
A lack of alertness can contribute to mistakes, micro sleeps, loss of focus, reduced risk perception, and danger to oneself and others.

Where do employees take the test?
Ready-Mate is integrated with Pedigree Technologies’ Cab-Mate solution so a driver would use the ELD tablet to take the test in the truck. For workers in the field, the test can be taken from anywhere using a smartphone.

When are tests taken?
Typically, tests are taken at the beginning of a shift, but they can be taken at any time throughout the day or multiple times.

What do users think about it?
Surveys overwhelmingly show that employees appreciate the non-invasiveness of the daily tests and the impact it can have on creating a safer work environment.

What happens when someone deviates from their baseline?
OneView can set up text messages or other notifications for supervisors when a deviation is flagged. In addition, the test gives the user instant feedback and will offer a second opportunity to take the test if the deviation is too high. The system also provides a dashboard for supervisors.

Can you game the system?
No. The system uses a personal baseline for each user and, if gaming is detected, it will cease testing for a period of time.

Does Ready-Mate align with existing policies and drug testing protocols?
Yes. The purpose of Ready-Mate testing is to supplement employers’ existing programs for workplace safety.